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Womanizing Mage


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Lastest Update:2023-01-09 04:35:58

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 50: Bail out (2)

This is the story of Long Yi, who was killed because he took revenge for the girl he loved. Before he dies, a strange lightning carries his soul into a different realm. How will he live, when the first thing he noticed upon arrival is that, the man whose body he possessed is raping the country’s princess?

Womanizing Mage Latest Chapter List 82Novel Free Online I'll show you in a minute Womanizing Mage The latest chapter)
Womanizing Mage Full catalogue of Novels
Chapter 1: Prelude to The Passing Through
Chapter 2: ?( ?° ?? ?°)? the Princess.
Chapter 3: Inside the Jail.
Chapter 04: Ximen Wuhen
Chapter 5: Escaped days
Chapter 6: Super-space ring
Chapter 7: Magic genius?
Chapter 8: Bathing beauty
Chapter 9: Profane
Chapter 10: Conning saintess
Chapter 11: Spending spring night together?
Chapter 12: Elementary lightning skill
Chapter 13: Spring sunshine emerges to bring the world alive
Chapter 14: Custom of Moxi clan
Chapter 15: Frank and sincere with each other
Chapter 16: Great Cosmos shift
Chapter 17: Earth Bear (1)
Chapter 18: Earth Bear (2)
Chapter 19: Earth Bear (3)
Chapter 20: I want to hold you to sleep
Chapter 21: Faintly discernable fragrant trace
Chapter 22: Gale magic spell
Chapter 23: Molestation without rhyme or reason
Chapter 24: Phoenix clan
Chapter 25: Resolving the crisis
Chapter 26: Erotic treatment
Chapter 27: Undead magic
Chapter 28: Super skeleton
Chapter 29: Mysterious Girl
Chapter 30: Enemies on a narrow road*
Chapter 31: Adventurer Pub
Chapter 32: Again meeting Yu Feng
Chapter 33: Drunk Lu Xiya
Chapter 34: Liren Fang’s underwear
Chapter 35: Public place with numerous peoples
Chapter 36: Difference of love and like
Chapter 37: Dark temptation
Chapter 38: Huangmang small town
Chapter 39: Clash
Chapter 40: Fire element Master Archmage
Chapter 41: Strange magical beast
Chapter 42: At crucial moment, how can you pee?
Chapter 43: Silver backed Earth dragon
Chapter 44: Might of Lightning skill
Chapter 45: Gluttonous Little Three
Chapter 46: Stealing fragrance
Chapter 47: One more wife doesn’t matter
Chapter 48: Blood colored bugs’ sea
Chapter 49: Bail out (1)
Chapter 50: Bail out (2)