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Chapter 50: The Eldery Couple Hiding In The Depths Of The Park

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She had indeed never learned from any violin master. It was simply a coincidence that she encountered and learned the violin from a few elderly who lived in seclusion for a while. Shen Hanxing had once asked for their names. However, they said that their names were already meaningless, so they did

not tell her.

She was immersed in her memories and did not realize that Lin Ran’s eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

Shen Hanxing was younger than 20 years old, but her violin skills were already unfathomable to him. Lin Ran thought of Shen Hanxing’s outstanding talent several times at night. He felt that he might not be capable enough to teach her. Otherwise, he would have taken Mrs. Ji as his student on the spot

that night.

But what did Mrs. Ji just say earlier? She only dabbled in it when she was bored? If she didn’t practice the violin all year round, how could she perform like this?

Lin Ran thought that Shen Hanxing was being modest and didn’t want to say anything more. Thus, he didn’t ask any further. He asked Ji Ning to go upstairs with him to the music room for class. After all, it was the first day of class, so it was more about getting to know the basics. It wouldn’t take too long.

But Shen Hanxing didn’t plan to sit there and wait. After waiting for Lin Ran and Ji Ning to go upstairs, she got up and walked around the wetland park in front of the villa.

The wetland park was a key project of the $ City’s Environmental Protection Bureau. The wetland park essentially retained the most primitive state of the surrounding ecology. The air was fresh and the environment was beautiful.

Shen Hanxing walked as she looked around. Unknowingly, she arrived at the center of the park. She heard hearty laughter coming from the side.

A gray-haired elderly couple were sitting in the pavilion, drinking tea and discussing something, When they heard the footsteps, they looked back in unison. They looked friendly.

One of them, a short-haired old lady, looked at Shen Hanxing. She smiled and asked, “Are you Lin Ran’s new student?”

The wetland park project had just been completed, and the surrounding buildings were not officially open for sale yet. Most of the people who could move in at this point had extraordinary identities. For example, only people like Lin Ran, who brought glory to the country, had the special privilege to

move in early.

As the two of them were examining her, Shen Hanxing was also slowly sizing them up. They looked kind and good-natured, their eyes were wise and peaceful, and they carried the gentleness and calmness that one would possess after experiencing many things. She could not help but think of her


Moreover, these two addressed Lin Ran rather familiarly. They were probably Lin Ran’s elders or something like that. Shen Hanxing adjusted her expression then she smiled and shook her head. She replied, “No, I’m Ji Ning’s sister-in-law. I sent her to class today. My name is Shen Hanxin;

“Shen Hanxing?” the short-haired old lady wiped her reading glasses. Suddenly, she smiled and said, “I remember this name. Isn’t she that Mrs. Ji that Lin Ran was talking about after he came back yesterday? The one who is very talented with the violin. Old Lin, do you remember?”

“Yes, of course, I remember,” the old man who was called Old Lin waved at Shen Hanxing. “Come here, if you don’t mind. Come over and have some tea with us.”

“As long as I’m not disturbing the both of you,” Since there was nothing to do, Shen Hanxing didn’t refuse. She followed the old man’s suggestion.

After entering the pavilion, Shen Hanxing realized that the elderly couple was not just drinking tea and chatting. The old lady had a set of music scores in her hand and seemed to be composing music. Old Lin had an easel and paint beside him, and the canvas had green flowers on it.

“This is my partner, his surname is Lin,” the old lady introduced with a smile. “He doesn’t have any other hobbies, he just likes to draw something.”

If his surname was Lin… they were probably Lin Ran’s parents or relatives or something like that, right?

As expected, the environment in which one grew up was very important. Maestro Lin Ran’s parents were also very carefree, and they were still very much immersed in art even in their later years.

Shen Hanxing greeted them, and Old Lady Lin waved at her. She asked, “Since you also know the violin, don’t mind coming over to take a look at this score of mine. What do you thin

Shen Hanxing sat closer to her and looked at the score written on the paper. She slowly played it in her head, and her slender, white fingertips gently tapped on the stone table.

Seeing this, a hint of a smile appeared in Old Lady Lin’s eyes. The opening of this piece of music was very lonely and heroic. It was like a lonely boat traveling on the surface of a stormy sea. It survived through the cracks, faced difficulties and obstacles, and constantly struggled. Finally, it cut through the

wind and waves and gradually sailed towards a bright and peaceful future.

At the end of the piece, there was a sense of tolerance and peace towards the world that had been honed over the years. It was as though a small boat that had experienced thousand of sails would gently ripple on the surface of the sea with the waves. The boat would greet the seagulls that occasionally

flew past the surface of the sea with a smile.

“What do you think?” Old Lady Lin’s eyes were filled with anticipation as she asked, “What do you think of this piece?”