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Chapter 50: Being an Illustrator

Mo Rao had smooth skin that was very fair skin, so her injuries were very obvious.

Fu Ying chased after her and grabbed Mo Rao’s wrist. His voice became stern. “Tell me, how did you get injured?!”

“I said you don’t have to worry!” Mo Rao shook off Fu Ying’s hand again, her face filled with impatience.

She had to maintain a good mood when she was pregnant. She did not want to get angry, so she did not say much to Fu Ying.

Why was this person so oblivious?

“Is that so? Do you want that organization to close down tomorrow?” Fu Ying asked coldly.

Was he threatening her?

Mo Rao was so angry that her face turned pale. Those children were already very pitiful. If they had nowhere to go because of her, she would be a sinner!

“Fu Ying, are you crazy?!” She gritted her teeth and asked angrily.

“You forced me to go crazy. As long as you answer my question, nothing will happen, right?” Fu Ying did not feel guilty at all. Instead, he looked straight into Mo Rao’s eyes and replied calmly.

The current Mo Rao was no longer the obedient little woman from before. Instead, she was like a thorny rose.

If he was not careful, she would prick him.

Fu Ying could only use this sort of tough method to achieve his goal.


Mo Rao held back her anger. “I was just accidentally scratched by a chair while taking care of a child. Is that enough?!”

Fu Ying was silent for a moment before ordering, “Don’t go there in the future!”

“I want to go,” Mo Rao said. “Those children are very pitiful and need society’s help. I won’t give up on them.”

“Do you think you can save everyone?” Fu Ying said unhappily. “Do you know that some autistic children are violent?”

Mo Rao was not afraid at all. “So what? It’s precisely because of this that I have to put in more effort to take care of them!”

As they talked, they started arguing again.

The atmosphere became more tense.

Mo Rao had already tried her best to calm down. She did not want to be angry and affect the child in her stomach because of these small matters.

However, Fu Ying could easily affect her emotions.

If this continued, she was afraid that she would really have a psychological problem.

It would be troublesome if she became depressed.

No one knew that she was pregnant, so naturally, no one would take care of her emotions. She could only endure everything herself.

“Whatever!” Fu Ying said angrily and left.

He walked to the car parked at the door, opened the door, got into the car, and drove away without looking at Mo Rao.

He must be crazy to rush back to accompany this woman!

He put aside the company’s matters, and did not accompany Qu Ru at the hospital. He came back and got angered by Mo Rao. Fu Ying really regretted it.

Hearing the sound of the car leaving, Mo Rao could not help but cry.

She did not want to cry, but she could not control her tears.

Mo Rao was in such a bad mood that she did not even eat dinner. She excused herself and went upstairs to rest.

Mo Rao lay on the bed and opened the fairy tale book that Zhang Zhe had given her.

She did not expect her former neighbor to be so imaginative. The fairy tales he wrote were very interesting and novel.

All the stories were about a little boy called Momo who started an adventure. The illustrations were also brilliant and vivid.

In the book, Momo was a little boy who had been bewitched by a bad witch. The angel had told him that there were magical flowers on a distant mountain that could break the spell. Momo took his favorite puppy on the journey.

Along the way, he encountered many dangers, but they were all resolved. The little person became stronger and stronger.

Because the second volume had not been published yet, it ended halfway through.

Looking at Momo’s experience, Mo Rao actually thought of herself.

Wasn’t she like Momo? In this difficult world, she tried her best to survive.

She also wanted to start her adventure and find her true self.

“Brother Zhang.” After reading, Mo Rao called Zhang Zhe.

“Xiao Rao? What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” Zhang Zhe’s voice was very gentle.

“I’ve finished reading the book you gave me. I like it very much. I just want to ask if I can try to be the illustrator?” Mo Rao mustered her courage and asked.

Zhang Zhe immediately agreed. “Sure, as long as you know how to draw. Draw something for me to see.”