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Chapter 50: Do You Like Madmen Too

Was he planning for them to shower together?

Outside the window, the shadows of the trees swayed, and the wind did not stop.

Fu Tingyu’s tall and straight figure carried the girl out and walked straight to the sofa. He bent down and put her down on the sofa, letting her head rest on the armrest of the sofa.

His slender fingers pushed her wet hair to the back of her head, letting it hang down.

“Lie down obediently. I’ll go get the hairdryer.”

The man’s unique low voice brushed past her ear with warmth. It was a little itchy and full of affection.

She was still a little angry about what had just happened, but her anger dissipated in an instant.

Fu Tingyu stood up and went to get the hair dryer.

Qin Shu felt weak all over. She couldn’t even be bothered to move her fingers. She looked at the wall lamp above her head that was emitting a faint yellow light.

He was the one who was injured. She had wanted to help him. How did it turn around after she went in?

And it had happened when he was still injured.

Fu Tingyu took out the hair dryer and plugged it in. After turning on the switch, he half-squatted in front of the sofa and started to blow-dry her hair.

The girl’s hair was black and smooth. It was also very long. The blackness of her hair made a stark contrast with his fingers when wrapped around them.

Qin Shu raised her head slightly. She could see the man’s long and narrow eyebrows. His dark and deep eyes were full of tenderness.

In the past, she always felt that the man was ruthless, cold-blooded, domineering, and tyrannical. That was why she always wanted to avoid him and avoid him.

She never paid any attention to him or observed him.

In fact, under his cold-blooded and ruthless nature, he also had some tenderness.

Looking at the man’s handsome face, Qin Shu couldn’t help but compliment him, “You’re really good looking.”

Fu Tingyu’s hands stopped moving. He looked up and saw that the girl was looking at him upside down. Her eyes, which were full of stars, were shining with a dazzling light.

It was the same as what she had said a few years ago.

“You’re so good looking.”

But there was still the second half of her sentence. “Let me see if you are a girl.”

The man pursed his lips. “What kind of man do you like?”

Qin Shu blurted out without thinking, “I like a man like you.”

Fu Tingyu was stunned for a few seconds, and his deep voice was filled with doubt. “You once said that I’m crazy. Do you like madmen too?”

Qin Shu was stunned. It seemed that she did say something like that on the first day she entered Bright Garden when he had shocked her by leaving a mark on her collarbone.

Qin Shu supported herself with both hands on the sofa and sat up. Because she had been lying on her back for a long time, there was insufficient blood flow to her brain and she felt dizzy for a moment.

Fu Tingyu also stood up at this time. He turned off the hair dryer in his hand and placed it on the cabinet at the side.

Qin Shu reached out to hold his hand. The man’s palm was very big and could easily wrap around her hand.

She raised her head and looked at the man in front of her. “I like you no matter what kind of you you are. I like you now and I will like you in the future.”

Even if he was crazy, she would be crazy with him.

Fu Tingyu stared at the girl for a long time. Suddenly, he stretched out his arm and pulled her into his embrace, as if he was declaring his ownership.

Somewhere where Qin Shu couldn’t see, the man’s eyes were deep and dark.

Babe, if you’re lying, then lie to me for the rest of my life. Don’t let me find out the truth. Living like this for the rest of my life is pretty good.

While Qin Shu changed, Fu Tingyu also changed the way he interacted with her.

Unlike before, when he laid out the truth and facts before them.

He enjoyed the girl’s change, as well as everything she did for him and every word she spoke to him.

Even if this might become a sharp weapon used against him in the future, he was still willing to accept this.