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Miracle Throne


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Lastest Update:2023-01-28 08:54:54

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 50: Starlight Immortal Body

The youngest Wiseman of the continent, Chu Tian, has traveled 30,000 years back in time to the age of antiquity due to an accident.

This is a prosperous era. Rare herbs, minerals, treasure relics and monsters can be easily found throughout the land.

However, this is also an undeveloped era. Communications, traffic, martial arts and technology are in its early stage of development. Prosperous cities lack lighting while its citizens are uneducated.

Our decisive MC using his future knowledge creates Magic powered light bulbs, magic powered telephones, magic powered cannons, magic powered computers, artificial intelligence, psyche internet. 30,000 years worth of knowledge allows him to create miracles and shine brightly in this era. Allowing him to conquer the land and sit firmly on the throne of the 10 realms.

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Chapter 10: Super Drug Refinement Array
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Chapter 12: A Big Slap to the Face
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Chapter 21: The Birth of Miracle Commerce
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Chapter 28: Big Cousin Brawl
Chapter 29: Crisis Contrac
Chapter 30: Before the Summit Meeting
Chapter 31: Tian Nan Summit Meeting
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Chapter 34: Diamond Vein Slashing Finger
Chapter 35: Madman Chu Tian
Chapter 36: One Versus Three!
Chapter 37: Emergence of Miracle Commerce
Chapter 38: Product Release
Chapter 39: End of the Summit Meeting
Chapter 40: Chu Tian’s Dream
Chapter 41: The Crystal Treasure
Chapter 42: Luring the Mayor
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Chapter 44: Magic Battery
Chapter 45 : Meteorite Grass
Chapter 46 : Arrogant Domineering
Chapter 47: Central State Chu Family
Chapter 48: Source Energy Hot Pot City
Chapter 49: Popular Business
Chapter 50: Starlight Immortal Body