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Chapter 50: Why Did You Bring Home Such A Hot Potato?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shi Beiyu could not help but laugh. He looked at her lovingly. “This will become your home eventually.”

Mu Siyin immediately blushed and tried to change the topic. “I’m thirsty. I need some water.”

She was thirsty from squatting for so long under the sun.

Speechless, Shi Beiyu raised his hand to pinch her cheeks before leading her towards the main entrance.

Meanwhile, the onlookers tried not to squirm at what they just saw.

They were so shocked that they stood there, frozen, with their eyes wide and mouth agape. None of them could believe that their Young Master, who seemed uninterested in women, had actually brought a girl home.

He must like her a lot, then.

This was too good to be true. Could this be real, or was it a dream?

Standing on the main entrance was a white-haired butler dressed in a traditional tang suit. With his monocle over his left eye, he looked at the couple in surprise. As they got closer to him, he was so shocked that he almost fainted.

By now, Mu Siyin had noticed the comical old man, and her lips could not help but lift into a smile. She decided to tease Shi Beiyu about it. “Is he your butler?”

Shi Beiyu looked at her in surprise. “How do you know?”

Mu Siyin winked and said, “He looks like one. Don’t they all look the same?”

Shi Beiyu was at a loss for words. Did they really look the same?

His butler was a unique character and was definitely one in a kind.

As Mu Siyin walked closer towards the old butler, her striking features caught his eye, and his hands trembled instantly. With the flip of his hand, he kept the monocle and screamed at Shi Beiyu at the top of his lungs, “Little Beibei! What is wrong with you? Why did you bring home such a hot potato?”

Mu Siyin was puzzled. Why did Uncle Zhong call her a hot potato both in her past and her current life? What made her look like one?

“Why did you call me a hot potato?” She looked at Uncle Zhong in confusion.

Uncle Bo did not know how to react. Just as he was about to talk, Shi Beiyu pulled a long face and said, “Uncle Zhong! What nonsense are you muttering?”

Uncle Zhong looked like he was about to burst into tears. “I…”

“Uncle Zhong is old, Yinyin. He can talk nonsense sometimes, so don’t take it to heart.”

“Hm?” Mu Siyin was still rather curious.

“Didn’t you say that you were thirsty?” Shi Beiyu pursed his lips as he dragged her deeper into the house.

As Uncle Zhong watched them leave from the back, he shook his head and sighed. “What an ill-fated relationship!”

On the other hand, although Mu Siyin had been dragged into the living room, she was still puzzled by her encounter. Hence, she tugged at the hem of Shi Beiyu’s shirt. “Why did Uncle Zhong call me a hot potato? Does he know me?”

Shi Beiyu replied calmly, “Uncle Zhong has bad eyesight and must’ve mistaken you for someone else. He’s getting senile, so you shouldn’t take his words too seriously.”

She was still confused, but Mu Siyin listened to Shi Beiyu and replied, “Okay.”

Right at that moment, Uncle Zhong walked in on them and heard their conversation. He glared furiously at Shi Beiyu. When did he get bad eyesight? That brat was really getting on his nerves now!

Shi Beiyu poured Mu Siyin a glass of water. He watched her dreamily as she chugged down the water and asked, “Can you tell me the reason you were by the roadside now?”

With both her hands wrapped on the glass, Mu Siyin chuckled. “Can you… Can you help me with something?”

Shi Beiyu raised an eyebrow as soon as she said that.

It looked like she was finally ready to talk about it.

Was she feeling conflicted on whether she should ask him for help when she was squatting alone by the roadside earlier on?

At that thought, he paused for a second before asking, “What do you need?”