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Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Author:Nalan Clou

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Lastest Update:2023-03-17 13:12:36

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 50 - You Can’t Make Bricks Without Straw

The youngest daughter of the famous Sheng Family who has been lost for seventeen years has returned! Since she was brought up by a rural mute granny, many people think her life has been ruined and can't wait to see how she disgraces the Sheng Family!

However......why does the arrogant miracle-working doctor become a simp in front of her? Why does the business tycoon-and-superstar scramble for her favor? Why does the mysterious game master carry her schoolbag with his hands that are worth millions? And why is the scion of the powerful Yi Family, Yi Juncheng, in hot pursuit of her?

Yi Juncheng: I'd like to give myself to her in return for her saving of my life.

Sheng Yang: Come on, I just want to concentrate

on my career. Can you get out of my way?

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