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Chapter 50: Lu Yanchen, I Like You (4)

Translator: Lam_  Editor: Hitesh_

Way too taken aback, Shi Guang had her male schoolmate come to a stop as she hopped off the bike and ran toward Lu Yanchen. “Lu Yanchen, why are you here?”

Looking at her and then peering over at the male schoolmate who had sent her home, Lu Yanchen’s eyes seemed as though they had frozen over in ice.

Without saying a single word, he turned around to leave.

Shi Guang was rooted where she was. The next second, she hurriedly thanked and said goodbye to her schoolmate before rushing after Lu Yanchen. “Lu Yanchen…!”

Taking her as air, he ignored her completely as he continued treading forth.

Shi Guang skipped in front of him and asked with a face full of smiles, “Are you for fun or are you here to look for me?”

Too unbothered to even raise a brow, Lu Yanchen ignored her still.

“Have you missed me?” Shi Guang asked with a thick skin.

“…” He seemed to have made up his mind to ignore her no matter what.

Left and right, left and right, Shi Guang skipped around him. There were many shops around that alley, and some of the shopkeepers poured water right in front of their shops directly.

In her excitement, Shi Guang did not notice a puddle of water ahead of her as she hopped right into it. With a loud thud, she went straight onto the ground. It was so painful that she could only grit her teeth tightly as tears were even about to flow out.

“Ah, it stings…”

Finally, Lu Yanchen came to a stop as he turned around to look at Shi Guang, his face filled with a deeply contemplative look.

Catching his look, Shi Guang puffed her cheeks and cried out, “It stings! I think my leg’s injured. Lu Yanchen, do you think that it’s going to be over for me? Will I turn crippled from this point forth? I’m an athlete and I’ve got to continue swimming, and I’ve got to get my champion’s title…and…!”

Lu Yanchen squatted down beside her.

With one hand supporting her knee, his other hand prodded at the leg she had injured as he pressed on her ankle gently. “Does it hurt?”

Shi Guang nodded her head. “Yepp!”

He changed to another leg of hers. “Does this hurt?”

She nodded her head still. “Yepp!”

No matter where he pressed, Shi Guang would insist that it hurt. Finally, with that pitiful expression of hers, she pointed out at her heart. “This is the place where it hurts the most.”

This time around, Lu Yanchen did not hold back anymore, giving off a stifled chuckle.

This was the first time that Shi Guang had ever caught Lu Yanchen laughing. With his suave, handsome looks, the entire world seemed to have lost all its color except for the space where his beautiful face was present.

Even after Lu Yanchen helped her up, Shi Guang was still complaining about the pain and refused to take a single step. Giving her a princess carry, Lu Yanchen brought her to a Chinese physician clinic in the alley.

The physician said that everything was fine and she would recover after applying medicated oil and rubbing it on for two days.

Lu Yanchen was prepared to send her home, but Shi Guang refused as she hooked her hands onto his neck. “I want to be together with you.”

And just like that, the two of them found a quiet place in a park nearby and sat down. Looking at Lu Yanchen, who was applying medicine for her, Shi Guang could not help but mutter out once again, “Lu Yanchen, I like you.”

His hand froze for a split second before he asked quietly, “Why?”

Shi Guang contemplated for a few seconds as her eyeballs spun round and round before she bent her body over close to him and stared at his face while grinning. “Because, you’re good looking. The thought of being able to see such a handsome face every day makes me feel as though life would turn exceptionally amazing. It’s as though I’ve got a newfound hope for life…!”

Lu Yanchen just stared back at her without saying anything.

She then giggled out as though she had played a prank on him. Thereafter, her face turned extremely serious. “I was just teasing you earlier on. I don’t know either…I just like you!”

Reaching out, he pulled Shi Guang into his embrace in the next second. Looking at her face properly for a second, he moved in and kissed her on the lips. It was a raw, awkward kiss. There was no technique to it, merely a tender carefulness and nervousness…

That was the first kiss for both him and her.

After their lips parted, he said to her while breathing heavily, “This is the consequence of your arrogance in trying to chase me!”