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Chapter 11: Eight Million To Buy Dog Food

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Yuan Hui and Gu Xiaoli both blanched and their expressions changed rapidly, looking at Shen Qianshu in trepidation. Their mouths opened and closed soundlessly, like goldfish gaping against the glass with no words. If the situation wasn’t so serious, she would have laughed.

Instead, Shen Qianshu felt stupid and cheated.

“We received a tip that CEO Yuan planned to escape, so I brought my brothers along to stop him. How lucky we saw him going at it with his girlfriend, screwing around on the bed like there’s no tomorrow. CEO Yuan, you sure are a social elite! You had to go for a round even before going on the run.”

The more Shen Qianshu listened, the more she felt it was just… unbelievable.

From the moment they met, Yuan Hui had criticised Gu Xiaoli, openly despising her wanton ways, her frivolous nature and scorning her ability to change boyfriends as quickly as she changed her skimpy clothing. Gu Xiaoli retaliated strongly against his hostility, accusing Yuan Hui and attacking him for his pretentious decency. The two people who had never seen eye to eye before… had actually hooked up and gotten together? It was ludicrous.

This had to be the most ironic thing she had heard all year.

“Qianshu, it’s not like what you’re thinking…” Yuan Hui scrambled closer to grasp at her hands and explain.

On her other side, Gu Xiaoli cried, hot tears streaming down her face dramatically and smudging her makeup and tainting her cheeks. “Qianshu, I’m sorry. Yuan Hui and I truly love each other.”

Ha! True love? Which cheating person did not scream of true love when being exposed?

It was always the same.

Shen Qianshu smiled at them, a disconcerting smile, her expression hiding a multitude of negative emotions behind false pretences. Shock, resentment, disgust and disappointment… all were forced underneath and shrouded behind her raised pink lips. It clashed with the mocking jeers shuttering behind her lucid eyes. “True love I see, then I’ll leave it to you to clear the debt!”

“Where will I find eight million?”

“Buying eight million worth of dog food to feed stray dogs is better than spending a single cent to save you two.” Shen Qianshu had a radiant smile, her looks becoming enthralling. She looked sweet as sugar, her voice gentle and alluring and her smile even sweeter. She was like the sweetest piece of caramel cake, but she would never let herself be taken advantage of. Although appearing gentle and soft, she was not a fool.

Gold-chain man was starting to get impatient, his annoyance shown with the urgent tapping of his foot and his crossed arms. “Young lady, you pay the damn money and I will release them. It’s as simple as that.”

“Big brother…” Shen Qianshu’s honey-like voice almost softened gold-chain man’s heart into a melting pot of oblivion. “Thank you for helping me realize what a jerk he is. I will not pay a single cent and it doesn’t concern me. He will settle his own debt.”

Yuan Hui was embarrassed, however he put on a bold face, “Qianshu, I am your boyfriend, how does it not concern you?”

A boyfriend who climbs onto her close friend’s bed? Yuan Hui, you have got to be kidding me.

It was as if gold-chain man and his subordinates were watching the unfolding of a ridiculous live drama. This dramatic turn of events left even them, dumbfounded.

“Young lady, I do not care about the relationships or whatever between you all. He said you have the money, so you pay the debt. Settle whatever scores you all have by yourselves.”

“The debt is between you and Yuan Hui, you two settle it yourselves. It is none of my business.”

Gold-chain man stood up abruptly and said calmly, “I have no choice.”

His subordinate whipped out a knife and passed it to him, while another grabbed Yuan Hui’s hand over, grinding it against the concrete floor. “Young lady, if he is your boyfriend, it is only right for you to pay. If you don’t pay, I will chop off his hand.”

Gu Xiaoli started screaming, tears continuing to stream down her face in an ugly way, while Yuan Hui struggled, trying to get out of their tight grasp, but he was held down relentlessly. His eyes raked over Shen Qianshu, becoming more and more agitated.

Shen Qianshu smiled her honey-sweet smile, eyes shining like stars in the night sky. “Chop it off. I have no money.”

Yuan Hui face paled, his mouth twisted up and he barked like a rabid dog, “She has money! Her son, Tong Hua, is the most famous child star in the country. He earns more than eight million dollars a drama! How can she not have any money!”

Shen Qianshu turned her attention to Yuan Hui, eyes narrowed to slits and gaze deadly, piercing through him like stakes hurled into a scarecrow. Yuan Hui shook off her animosity and looked at her pleadingly, his face mashed into the ground and all pride gone. “Qianshu, save me. Please. I will do anything you ask!”

“I could buy many thousands of things with eight million dollars, I don’t need you.” Another smile blossomed upon her face, but she could only feel her heart bleeding inside. So this was the reason why he had been proposing so persistently. Tong Hua had once said, “Mommy, although you have bad taste, I will never look down on you.”

She finally understood the meaning behind his words.