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Chapter 142: Not Looking Back On The Road Of Seeking Death

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Yifan started to shift the blame. “Brother, if you want to blame, then blame it on Zhong Ran. He is such a big mouth. Now, everyone knows that the little princess whom you have longed for seven years does not exist. In addition, his little princess is not a little princess but a little prince.”

Ye Yifan looked at Ye Ling sternly. “Brother, you have been mocked.”

Zhong Ran stared at him. “…”

Damn, Third Master, are you courting death?

“Brother, what kind of obsession do you have exactly towards little princess?” Third Master was on the road of seeking death and was dashing madly without looking back.

Ye Ling took a deep breath. He was about to explode anytime. Suddenly, he gave a kick, accurately kicking Ye Yifan’s chest, causing him to get stuck to the chair and not being able to get up.

“Shut up!”

Ye Ling’s anger was reaching the limit.

Upon returning back to the country today, he had thought of going to look at the future little princess’s container, but he did not expect to be bruised and battered by Ye Yifan. The veins in his forehead were chugging, and it felt like they were going to explode anytime. The way he looked at Ye Yifan was like he wanted to make mincemeat out of him anytime.

Ye Yifan had always been big-hearted. In the Ye Family, only Ye Yifan was the least afraid of Ye Ling.

“Brother, you just came back from Greece. How was work, was it tough? Did you bring any presents for me?” Ye Yifan looked at him and smiled happily. He did not mind the fact that he was earlier kicked by Ye Ling, which had caused his rib cage to nearly break.

Ye Ling looked at him with a ghastly pale face.

“Brother, don’t be angry, blame it on the idiot who called the police.” Ye Yifan had been waiting for Little Tong Hua for a few days. There were young fans following Tong Hua in the past few days. He had the rare chance to walk with little Tong Hua back home but was reported by someone.

Really extremely angry.

“Zhong Ran, get a packet of dumb medicine, poison him, and make him dumb.” Ye Ling could not control himself anymore. He was fulminating.

Ye Yifan immediately sat up straight.

His brother had wanted to poison him to make him dumb for many years. He could not give him a chance.

It was finally quiet in the whole luxurious car.

Ye Yifan was also not someone who could keep quiet. He looked at Ye Ling’s ghastly pale face and stuck up two fingers. “I swear, I will not do anything foolish the next time. Even if I do something foolish, I will definitely not get brother involved. I am in the wrong.”

Third Master Ye was in a well-behaved state.

Ye Ling reckoned that his eyes would hurt by looking at him just once more and shifted his focus away.

Ye Yifan was heartbroken.

Brother doesn’t like me anymore.


“Brother, recently I have been on good terms with Li Zhiyuan.” Ye Yifan knew that he could not provoke his brother again. Otherwise, he would really get thrown off the car. “He is a very prudent person, and his social circle is very simple. Although he is also considered a second generation money-throwing heir, who fools around with a group of second generation heirs, he knows how to draw a line. The Li family and the Lu family are in-laws. Our family’s Auntie wishes to make an utmost effort to arrange the marriage between Lu Mengxi and Li Zhiyuan, as both of them are considered to be childhood sweethearts who have grown up together. Grandma hopes that you can date Lu Mengxi. The Lu family wishes that Lu Mengxi can see you more often. Li Zhiyuan does not have any issues with this, and he has even pleaded with me to pass this message to you. He said that Lu Mengxi and he only had a brother-and-sister relationship. Humph, this fellow likes my future sister-in-law. He has really acted recklessly. My little nephew is his source of easy money. I really cannot accept this. I want to undermine him.”

“Tong Hua is not my son.” Ye Ling was silently angry.

“Uhh, brother, you did not deny that Miss Shen was my future sister-in-law. Tong Hua would then be my little nephew. Foster nephew was also considered nephew.”

Everyone was speechless. “…”

Third Master, you did it well.

“Shut up!” Ye Ling roared.

Ye Yifan thought for a while and lamented. “Miss Shen is really pretty, you don’t know…”

“She is pretty, and what has that got to do with you?”

Ye Yifan was taken aback. Brother, I am just purely praising her for her pretty looks.