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Chapter 17: You’re Ugly and Blind

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Ling sneered. Shen Qianshu pulled a bold face and smiled, “It’s been seven years since we last met, you… have only become more handsome.”

In his amber eyes, there was only an everlasting coldness, just as she always remembered. His long stride and tyrannical footsteps approached her like a stalking panther alongside the border of the pool. It was as if each foot stepped straight on Shen Qianshu’s heart, she swallowed deeply and her heart raged.


Even if was a douchebag, a violent and bloody douchebag, his every move turned her on. With his dark gaze on her, she was hit in the face by an unknown desire she hadn’t felt for as long as she could remember. It was too tempting, too irresistible. She took a few steps back as her heart raced wildly. Her pale cheeks turned rosy.

“Seven years have passed, you… became ugly.”

Shen Qianshu was speechless.

What the…!!!

“Ye Ling, have your standards hit the sky? Back then, I was such an old-fashioned person with a chubby face and childish body full of body fat. How could you even compare it to my current state?” Shen Qianshu blurted out. As a woman, it was unbearable for him to call ugly, especially when in comparison her to her younger days!

Ye Ling’s gaze on her deepened. His eyes were dark and foreboding, and Shen Qianshu felt her heart leap in her throat.

“Boyfriend?” In Ye Ling’s eyes, a storm was brewing. “Not only are you ugly, you’re also blind.”

“Excuse me, can’t you speak nicely? What’s up with all the personal attacks.”

They had met seven years ago in Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world. She had arrived, full of dreams and aspirations, yet, it was such an… eccentric encounter and an even more abrupt separation. She had left feeling so humiliated, but it had been so long that she no longer fussed about the injuries she had received from that traumatic night. Why did he suddenly reappear in her life?

And resent her for being ugly! He was the same as ever!


Ye Ling kept pressing on, leaning closer and closer, making Shen Qianshu step back in anxiety. He was too intimidating. His eyes were hypnotizing. To her, they had always been so enchanting. When he set his eyes on her, it would take her breath away, but it could also put her in danger. Her eyes darted around. She had nowhere to escape.

She stepped backwards into nothingness, her eyes widening as she fell back towards the pool, not prepared loss of balance and too disoriented to pull herself forward. Shen Qianshu screamed and Ye Ling anxiously reached out his arm to grab her by the waist. Shen Qianshu steadied her pounding heart, Lucky! Otherwise, I would be drenched! As she caught her breath, Ye Ling’s arm had barely reached her waist, when he pulled it back.

He pulled it back!

SPLASH! Shen Qianshu fell into the pool.

F*ck you, Ye Ling!

In a flurry, Shen Qianshu came up and balanced herself in the water. Thankfully, the side of the pool was not deep, when she stood on both legs, the water was just around her chest. Shen Qianshu tore the forced smile off her face.

Shen Qianshu scowled at him angrily, hands balled into fists, “YE LING, ARE YOU CRAZY!”

“Look at you, making a fool out of yourself. Now you look so much more energetic than before with that fake smile you had on your face.” Ye Ling sneered. In a condescending manner, he stared at her, “Your ex and your bestie hooked up, got together and kidnapped my daughter to ask you for money. You don’t even seem angry about it. Shen Qianshu, I guess you really don’t have a heart.”

Ye Ling got two things wrong. Gu Xiaoli was not her ‘bestie’, she was only a high school friend of sorts. Coincidentally, they worked upstream and downstream in the same industry so they interacted frequently. Their friendship was not too bad, but it was far from ‘besties’.

Yuan Hui pursued her for a year and kept pestering her so she had agreed in the end. They started dating when Tong Hua fought with another child star while filming and the opponent arranged for people to beat Tong Hua up. He was only a child. Shen Qianshu had reported it to the police but still could not forget the incident. The fight started because another child star mocked Tong Hua for not having a father.

Despite everything that had happened, she did not hate Yuan Hui. In fact, she had given it a lot of consideration in the months he had pursued her, weighing his many aspects, he was not bad as a love partner. So, she agreed to date him and give Tong Hua a complete family. A year has passed, even raising a dog would foster relationships, let alone being with a living adult.

“So what if I am upset?” Shen Qianshu looked up at Ye Ling. “No matter how much it upsets me, what’s happened has already happened and nothing will change. Since nothing is going to change, accepting it and letting it go with a smile feels pretty good.”