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Chapter 20: Kissing Makes You Pregnant?

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Shen Qianshu almost lost her breath from being grabbed by him and began struggling. Ye Ling let go of her, and with one hand on her back, he kissed her again. Shen Qianshu struggled but was repressed by Ye Ling.

“Mummy?” A familiar and childish voice was heard. The struggling pair in the pool stiffened and looked sideways instantly, seeing Zhong Ran with Tong Hua standing beside the pool. Zhong Ran had his usual expression that looked like he wanted to stab himself, while Tong Hua seemed calm.

“Tong… Tong… Tong Hua?” Shen Qianshu looked down at her disheveled self and saw herself and Ye Ling in such an odd and ambiguous position. She thought the child would rage.

“Mummy and… what seems like my foster dad, please continue. I head that kissing makes you pregnant. I want a sister.” Tong Hua greeted them gentlemanly in a courteous way. “Go on.”

Everyone was speechless…

Shen Qianshu and Ye Ling climbed out of the pool dripping wet. Ye Ling’s face was sullen and deep like the water. He was actually seen in such a terrible state by his little princess. It’s all Shen Qianshu’s fault. It’s another crime committed on the list.

“Ah Da, get her a set of clothes.”

Ah Da brought two sets of dresses for her quickly. Shen Qianshu changed into a fresh lotus colored dress, and when she descended down the stairs, Ye Ling stared at her. From his gaze, his emotions couldn’t be identified.

Shen Qianshu was so extraordinarily stunning. Elegant and cultured, she could take on a fresh look and manage to look alluring. The lotus drop waist dress seemed perfect on her, making her body seem thin, long, and refined.

“Ah Da, you have a great taste. Thank you.” Shen Qianshu thanked.

No one would have thought that Ah Da’s expression would turn fearful instantly. Like a scammer who promoted fake goods, she said, “Miss Shen, this was prepared by Master.”

Ah Da glanced at Ye Ling as she spoke. Indeed, Ye Ling’s face darkened as if he were about to rage at any moment.

Shen Qianshu knew it was untrue the moment she heard it. Yet, she lifted a corner of her skirt and bent her knees slightly, giving an accurate European-style ceremonious bow. With a bright smile, she thanked him.

Ye Ling gave a cold smile and did not answer her. He and Little Cutie Pie looked at each other in consternation.

This is my… princess?

Where’s my princess?

“Why didn’t you braid her hair?” Ye Ling asked angrily, exploding in rage.

Little Cutie Pie’s formal name was Shen Jin.

“Braid what? What an odd taste you have,” Tong Hua said. A little master like me, braiding my hair? This ‘foster dad’ seemed to be teasing him.

Feeling like a huge load has been lifted off her mind, Shen Qianshu ran over and hugged Tong Hua with reddened eyes.

Tong Hua hugged her dearest mum tightly.

“Did they bully you?” Shen Qianshu asked.

“Nope,” Tong Hua said and caressed Shen Qianshu’s face. “I am very happy. You finally found a reason to kick Yuan Hui away.”

Shen Qianshu was speechless.

Only kick? She wouldn’t be doing her son justice if she didn’t beat him to a pulp.

Tong Hua looked at Ye Ling.

Ye Ling stared back at him.

Ye Ling thought, If it’s a little princess, perfect. She is cute and pretty. If it’s a little prince, he looks so delicate and fragile. That’s not good!

Deep down, Tong Hua also thought to himself, Although he looks good, he doesn’t seem like a nice person. My mum is such a softie, and she’ll surely be bullied by him. That’s not good!”

Ye Ling said, “I’m your daddy.”

Tong Hua asked softly, “Are you marrying my mum?”

Without hesitation, Ye Ling answered. “NO!”

Tong Hua’s face turned as cold as Ye Ling’s, and he questioned rhetorically. “Then what sort of dad are you?”

Darn, little master, I respect you for your bravery!

“HOW RUDE!” Ye Ling yelled.

Shen Qianshu said, “Ye Ling, don’t scare Tong Hua.”

Ye Ling pointed at Tong Hua and replied. “Does he look terrified?”

Tong Hua grabbed Shen Qianshu’s sleeves pitifully and said, “Mummy, I’m scared…”