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Chapter 222: Frog In A Well

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“I don’t know,” Tong Hua said. “Did something go wrong in Aunt Xiaojuan’s family?”

Shen Qianshu felt sick. If there was something wrong in her family, she would have rushed home. “Tong Hua, how much longer will your filming last for?”

“Half a month.”

“Don’t tell Aunt Xiaojuan yet. I’ll rush over once I finish up with my things.”


“Yes. Be a little nicer these few days. Don’t cause any trouble and listen to her words.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Chen Wanwan was very popular. The company’s location was in the most prosperous area of the commercial street of City A. When Shen Qianshu came, she was amazed. Rent was very expensive even for a small shop here. The monthly rent for a clothing store that was not even well-known was 20 million.

Although the rent was expensive, it was still the most extravagant and populous commercial street, and the central square was just next to it. Chen Wanwan and Ye Guanjun were waiting for Shen Qianshu to go over. When Ye Guanjun first sat down and took a sip of tea, he spat out his tea upon hearing that Shen Qianshu was shareholding.

“What did you say?”

“Look at yourself, you’re like a frog in a well. What’s the big deal?” Chen Wanwan took a paper towel in disapproval and wiped her arm. Ye Guanjun stared so hard that his eyes were very round.

“You said that you wanted to open a custom jewelry store alone, but you did not mention Qianshu being a shareholder.”

“I spoke with her during our meal yesterday. She wanted to be a shareholder, so I agreed.”

“So you agreed?”

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s a huge problem. Why didn’t you discuss it with me?”

“I handle the finances in our family. What’s there to discuss? You should be glad that I even informed you about it.”


Ye Guanjun was infuriated and on the verge of exploding. He loved Wanwan a lot and was also willing to lose the family fortune, but only being informed about such a huge matter was simply too outrageous!

Today, he wanted to reiterate that he was the husband in the family!

“Guanjun, lately I have not been controlling how you spend your money.” Chen Wanwan added.

This sentence defeated Ye Guanjun’s will to reiterate his position in the family.

“No, Wanwan. You should consider it if Qianshu wanted to be a shareholder. You decided things over a meal yesterday? This is too rash. You have done everything in the early stage, and now Qianshu stepped into your matters. Your clique wanted to step in, and you didn’t even allow them to.”

“The people in my clique are my clients. They are my important clients. Am I stupid? If I let them step in, who am I going to sell to? Qianshu is different. Tong Hua is so popular all over the north of Jiangnan, and she is also always on the hot topic list. Recently, she has become a very popular person. Having Qianshu be a shareholder would be equivalent to having free endorsements from Tong Hua. Do you know how expensive Tong Hua’s endorsement fee is now? Tens of millions, I’m not even kidding you. This is the commercial value of the mother and child. It’s such a steal. Moreover, I have been in contact with Qianshu for several years. She is really reliable, she has a good character. she is loyal and righteous, and she knows when to advance and retreat. She is chipping in, yet she’s not getting involved in management. Today, she even went out to look for designers. No matter what, I’m on the winning end. ”

“Darling, after marrying you for so many years, I just realized that you are rather intelligent.”

Chen Wanwan gave him a cold look.

Ye Guanjun thought, No, I must buy Qianshu a Chanel bag to mute her. Wanwan must not know about the time when I asked Qianshu for an appraisal. Otherwise, I’d be dead. Wanwan would ignore me for weeks.

The company had finished its renovation, and it was rather stylish. It had a rather weird name, B&G Jewelry. It was the short form of ‘bad girl,’ When Qianshu saw the name yesterday, she cursed inwardly for three minutes.

After a while, she thought, It’s okay. As long as it is easy to be remembered.