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Chapter 25: Tong Hua — The Heart-throb

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Who the freaking heck wants to make a baby with you! How bold of you to threaten me. Laws exist! Whoever believes you is a fool!

Shen Qianshu’s cheeks were red and incredibly warm from anger. Leaving the cemetery, she drove to the site of filming and bought a rose for Tong Hua, intending to pretend to be a fan of his.

As she arrived, she could hear a group of teenage fangirls screaming Tong Hua’s name.

“Tong Hua, Tong Hua…”

“He’s so cute! Why isn’t he my son?”

“Fat chance! Look at yourself in the mirror!”

“His mother is also as beautiful as an angel. She is a beauty that is extremely popular in the entertainment industry. It’s easy for him to debut.”

Tong Hua and a few children sat on the stage obediently. This was a live program where famous child stars are invited, boys and girls included. There was going to be outdoor filming involved.

Shen Qianshu wore a baseball cap and hid amongst the fan club. She was a little late, and the show had already started, but she was too lazy to proceed to the backstage.

Although she had exposed herself before, most of the crowd only cared about Tong Hua. No matter how beautiful she was, it was only in pictures. She was not a celebrity, and not many people recognized her. The number of teenage fans and ‘mama’ fans [ 2. ‘Mama’ fans refer to female fans who are much older than the celebrity. ] were shocking. They held onto banners and posters as they screamed for Tong Hua.

Shen Qianshu was extremely proud. She raised her child so well that he was already a heart-throb since he was young.

Shen Qianshu squeezed her way into the front row and waved the rose in her hand. Tong Hua’s eyes lit up as he saw his dearest mum, and he smiled shyly. He appeared cute and clever to his fans, extremely lovable. When he smiled, he looked lively and pure, making the fans scream.

“Right here with us, the fans are very passionate. Seems like our little prince, Tong Hua, is very attractive. Tong Hua, do you have anything to say to the fans?” the emcee asked.

Tong Hua held onto the little microphone and smiled as he said, “I would like to thank the fans for loving me, and I love you all too.”

The fans squealed wildly.

Shen Qianshu tittered. This little one is so good at lying through his teeth. There were so little people that Tong Hua loved that they could be counted on the fingers with one hand. She was placed number one, and Lin Xiaojuan was one. In his eyes, others were just random strangers.

“Then, who do you love the most?” the emcee asked again.

Without hesitation, he replied. “My mum, of course!”

The emcee asked, “It’s lucky to be Tong Hua’s mum. I believe the fans are all envious of being able to see the adorable and beautiful Tong Hua.”

“My mum is adorable and beautiful too.”

Shen Qianshu was unaffected by the compliment. Her child was a ‘slave’ for his mother, and she was also a ‘slave’ to her son.

Anyway, it’s the truth.

The fans were all caught up with how lucky Tong Hua’s mother was and how filial Tong Hua was. Shen Qianshu grinned from ear to ear. When the emcee went to interview other children, Tong Hua sat obediently and threw the fan club a kiss.

The kiss was for Shen Qianshu, but in return, the fans squealed.

“Tong Hua is so adorable…”

“He kissed me, he kissed me…”

“I want to give birth to a daughter to marry Tong Hua.”

The ‘national son’ [ 3. ‘National son’ is a slang referring to a popular child who is well-liked by many people in the country. ] Tong Hua attracted the attention of everyone. The event location was crowded, and the fans could not care less about the program. They kept their eyes glued to Tong Hua throughout the entire show.

Shen Qianshu screamed along with the fans, showing support to her son.

When the program reached an intermission and the filming moved outdoors, they did not allow too many fans to watch them. The emcee noticed that Tong Hua kept looking down the stage and could not help but ask, “Tong Hua, is mummy here with us?”