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Chapter 27: The Multi-talented Miss Shen

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Of course!” Shen Qianshu loved jewelry. Whenever jewelry was brought up, her eyes would light up. “From the materials to the design, the carving, and the polishing. All by me. Are you touched?” Shen Qianshu asked.

Lin Xiaojuan humphed coldly and said, “The gift was late by a month, but I forgive you.”

Tong Hua looked at the beautiful indigo jewel curiously and asked, “Mom, what kind of rock is that?”

“It’s tanzanite.” Shen Qianshu explained. “When I went to Brazil in April, I bought it at a jewel market. I did not expect it to be this beautiful after carving it. It is rather rare to find such clear tanzanite. Its color is very pretty.”

“It must be very expensive…?”

“I bought the ore. It’s not expensive at all. The completed product is so beautiful, all thanks to me!” Shen Qianshu winked proudly and continued. “Furthermore, this jewel is authenticated by me, so it’s worth thrice.”

Tong Hua gave a thumbs up and praised his mother. “Mom, you’re so clever.”

“That’s for sure.”

Lin Xiaojuan looked at Shen Qianshu confusedly. She felt a little sorry for Shen Qianshu and said, “Qianshu, you took on jewelry designing back then, and you love designing too. Why did you become an appraiser?”

In recent years, Shen Qianshu did not design much. The models were either Lin Xiaojuan or Tong Hua. Most of the accessories that she and Tong Hua owned were made by Shen Qianshu. In every jewelry exhibition, she was always present, and she had collected much related to jewelry. She loved jewelry designing, yet she gave up on it.

Shen Qianshu’s eyes were clear and calm as she said with slight slyness, “Xiaojuan, a great jewelry designer is not one who is just great at designing and knowing how all the software works. Jewels are different due to the minerals. Its luster, transparency, and purity determine the carving approach. A designer needs to know all these and the right approach to every carving, and they need to know how to cover up any flaws and bring out the best of the jewel. This is what a designer is great for. An appraiser does most of the job in covering up any shortcomings, quickening the process of getting work done. Don’t worry about me. Furthermore, as long as it’s related to jewelry, I’m interested.”

Tong Hua clapped his tiny hands and continued boasting his mother. “Mummy is the best. Everything you do is the best!”

Lin Xiaojuan was speechless.

Yeah. Okay, whatever. No matter what the two of you say, it’s always right.

Tong Hua went on to film for his outdoor program. Lin Xiaojuan sent Shen Qianshu out and said, “Did Li Zhiyuan still look for you recently?”

“I met him at the jewelry exhibition, and we spoke for a while,” Shen Qianshu said and pondered before continuing. “He seems to be wooing me?”

Lin Xiaojuan said, “Li Zhiyuan and I never interacted much. I gathered some information about him, and it seems like he doesn’t have many scandals and likes hot girls. I guess… he fell for your face.”

“Thanks for the compliment on my face!” Shen Qianshu laughed hysterically and continued. “Okay, okay. I have some limits. I may have bad taste, but I have you, right? You helped me get rid of all my exes…”

“Jerk!” Lin Xiaojuan cursed jokingly and said, “I have already gotten people to teach Yuan Hui and Gu Xiaoli a lesson in the past two days. If he dares to come after you, inform me immediately. I will break his leg.”

“Is he not ashamed to come and look for me?” Shen Qianshu scoffed. “I will let him know how vicious a woman’s heart can be.”

Lin Xiaojuan was busy, and Shen Qianshu was waiting for public transport. A royal blue Lamborghini stopped beside Shen Qianshu, and inside the car sat Li Zhiyuan smiling at Shen Qianshu. Shen Qianshu cursed inwardly. Does the second generation of rich families love acting cool?