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Chapter 30: Pie In The Sky

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Shen Qianshu entered Gubelin in her business attire.

Gubelin was one of the world’s most famous gemological laboratory. It was also a center for jewelry appraisal with a great reputation. Gubelin’s appraisal held the most power and prestige among all jewelry appraisals. Other than that, Gubelin was also famous for being expensive and strict. Jewelry sent to Gubelin were usually rare and scarce. As a result, average jewelry companies would not invite Gubelin for appraisals as the costs were too high and that they were… too strict.

Just the previous year, there was a pigeon-red ruby that was worth thirty million with appraisals from centers like GIA and IGI. However, due to various reasons, when the seller sent it to Gubelin for appraisal, trace amounts of impurities were discovered, causing the value of it to fall. Hence, most companies would not send their jewels to Gubelin for appraisals other than a few international companies which were prestigious. Simply put, Gubelin was the most outstanding one in the field.

In Asia, there was only one Gubelin Gem Lab, which was in Hong Kong. The Gubelin lab in City A was set up to meet the increasing demands in the jewelry industry in Asia just two years ago. They mainly worked on rare jewels for large companies and the two auction markets for City A, which had become high-end centers for trade.

The moment Shen Qianshu stepped in, the ladies in the office were unusually excited, getting together to gossip.

“Qianshu, Qianshu. A big deal…” Chen Qiuxiang rolled her chair over gleefully. A few male colleagues also seemed extremely happy. Shocked, Shen Qianshu said, “What ‘big deal?’”

“AG Jewelry is going to discuss an upcoming project with us. In the future, high-end products will all be sent to Gubelin.”

Shen Qianshu raised her eyebrows. “Those in power at AG must have too much time on their hands. Why would they need appraisals from Gubelin?”

This did not go well with the way the company operated.

There was a feeling of money being spent unnecessarily.

“I think so too. Otherwise, they are simply money dispensers,” a male colleague said. “Although our appraisals could multiply the value of the jewels manyfold, if the quality isn’t great, what could have been sold for ten million could also drop to two million because of our appraisals. I really can’t figure out what’s up with them.”

“Don’t bother about it. Don’t you see our boss grinning from ear to ear? We caught a big fish. Anyway, the AG financial group is filthy rich.”

In City A, one was more likely to know about the existence of AG financial group than the mayor of the city.

The AG financial group had many flagships, both in the country and abroad. These included widely-known biopharmaceutical, financial, and securities institutions, as well as the largest courier company in the country. Five years ago, they bought over a well-established jewelry company and renamed it AG Jewels. In the five years, they brought international attention for AG Jewelry, making it a famous brand internationally. The AG financial group had a huge asset collection chain, and they created an empire, taking City A by storm.

“The AG financial group rose up in the past five years, becoming international. It is heard that it was all thanks to the Prince of AG. The media only found out his name today. The Prince of AG, the fresh golden bachelor from City A, is called Ye Ling. My Prince Charming Li Zhiyuan is now ranked number two.”

“WHO?!” Shen Qianshu almost spat the drink in her mouth out. She coughed violently. Wasn’t the person in power of the AG financial group from the Lu Family?

This was definitely earth-shattering news!

Shen Qianshu suddenly thought of something. Why would Gubelin suddenly receive such a massive deal from AG?

Was it for me?

Master, are you kidding me?