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Chapter 31: Daddy Ye Is About To Climb Out Of His Coffin

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In the Ye Family’s old house.

The Ye Family’s old house was a European-style ancestral home worth about five thousand pings [ 5. Ping is a unit of measurement ] with the golf course excluded. The Ye Family had a large population. The old lady in the family had two sons and a daughter. The eldest son and his wife had passed away long ago, leaving behind the three brothers: Ye Ling, Ye Tingjunm and Ye Yifan. The second son Ye Bao had a son, Ye Zexiu, and a daughter, Ye Tingting. The relatives were more complicated. In the Ye family, the will to benefit from one another was deep-rooted.

Ye Ling rarely came over.

The old lady of the Ye Family was the backbone of the family. With her around, the Ye Family would not turn into chaos.

“Mum, you can’t be so biased. Why should the AG financial group be passed to Ye Ling? I am your son.” Ye Bao was an ambitious middle-aged man and was also Ye Ling’s second uncle. He was spoiled by the old lady since he was young and was extremely dissatisfied with such an arrangement.

Ye Ling sat in a corner looking around, indifferent. He gave out cold vibes, and although he was not showing anger, nobody dared to offend him. Zhong Ran stood near him while Ah Da and a few bodyguards were outside the house. Ye Yifan was chewing on some popcorn, listening to Ye Bao’s attempt to get what he wanted. He was a true example of one who sat back and ate popcorn when an argument is going on.

A well-dressed middle-aged lady said, “Mum, brother is right. Ye Ling is still young. How could he handle the stakeholders of AG? This family still has me and brother. You can’t be so biased.”

She was Ye Ling’s auntie, Ye Feifei.

The old lady of the Ye family was benevolent and kind. She seemed like an amiable person, but the entire Ye Family knew that she could be viciously fierce.

“The two of you are too ambitious. Five years ago, you fought for inheritance, and the collaterals almost caused you guys to lose both your life and property. It almost ruined the Ye Family’s business. You guys haven’t learned your lesson. Do you want history to repeat itself?” the old lady said lightly. “The AG financial group only got to where it is today all thanks to the three brothers. It is only right that they get it.”

Ye Yifan nodded profusely. His eyebrows were raised, and he said lively, “Uncle, Auntie, the both of you really need some manners.”

“Yifan, is this how you speak to your elders?”

Ye Yifan continued chewing on his popcorn, smiling like a laughing buddha. “Ha, you want to snatch money from my elder brother’s hands. What is there to be polite for? You should be grateful that we did not kick you out.”

“Who are you kicking out of my house?!” Ye Bao raged.

“Your house is next door.”

Ye Yifan rolled his eyes. He was extremely impertinent and childish, driving Ye Bao and Ye Feifei crazy in rage.

Ye Ling said calmly, “Not a single bit of the shares of the company will be left for you.”

“Ye Ling, how can you?”

Ye Yifan shrugged and defended his elder brother. “It’s a Ye Family value. Things are passed down to the eldest children.”

“What kind of eldest child is Ye Ling? He’s a son your dad gave birth to during an affair. How can he be claimed as the eldest son?” Ye Feifei said sharply, looking down on the illegitimate child.

Once she finished her sentence, the entire living room was filled with dead silence.

Ye Ling’s face darkened, and the surrounding air turned frosty. The veins on his hand were pulsating.

Ye Yifan jumped suddenly, looking like he was about to throw his popcorn at Ye Feifei. Ye Ling rose from his seat and grabbed his wrist, giving Ye Yifan a sharp look.

“Bro, let go. Even if our dad were about to climb out of the coffin, I still want to beat her up.”