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Chapter 34: Shut up and Kiss Me

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She was already a good enough woman and could bear everything unless he went crazy.

What more did he want?

Master, who do you think you are?

You sure are temperamental.

Ye Ling bent down and kissed her on the lips. Shen Qianshu widened her eyes. The memory from seven years ago came flooding back into her mind and brought a suffocating fear. She instantly struggled, but Ye Ling grabbed her head even tighter, forcing her into his kiss.

His kiss was fierce and hungry as if wanting to kiss into her deepest parts.

It carried a strong desire.

Shen Qianshu struggled frantically but was carried up by him. One of his hands were on her waist, forcing her legs to be clamped around his waist. The other hand was pressing onto her head, devouring her lips like a beast.

Their kiss was loud and passionate. Shen Qianshu’s face turned bright red. She was shy and scared at the same time, unable to break out from his grip.

All lunatics are physically weak, but why is it that this lunatic has such great strength?

Shen Qianshu kissed until she was gasping for air. Ye Ling finally let her off before she stopped breathing. However, his gaze never left her swollen, red lips. Her face was flushed, and under the lighting, she was simply breathtaking.

“Are you a pig? Don’t you know to breathe! Served you right if you suffocate!”

Tomorrow’s newspaper headlines would be exciting.

Beautiful young lady suffocated to death during a kiss.

“Put me down!” Their position was simply too suggestive, and it made her face and ears turn red. Ye Ling, however, loved to pull her petite body into his embrace. He ignored her request.

He stared at her lips, reluctant to look away.

“Kiss me, Shen Qianshu.”

Shen Qianshu suddenly thought of the emoticon: Shut up and Kiss Me

Really… speechless

He was a handsome but mean guy. Cold and conceited, he was vastly different from the character on the emoticon but somehow really similar in the way they talked.

“Shen Qianshu, this is night time…” Ye Ling frowned dangerously. “You better not aggravate me. If not, be careful I unleash the beast in me.”

A chill ran down Shen Qianshu’s spine as if a poisonous snake had crawled onto her arm. She took his face into her hands with slight fear and proceeded to kiss him. Compared to the passionate kiss earlier, her kiss was like that of a young girl—soft but perfect. It was enough to unleash the inner passion within Ye Ling. He took over the lead and kissed her until she was breathless again.

Ye Ling carried her, turned, and pressed her onto the sofa. Shen Qianshu yelped but was immediately silenced by his mouth. Ye Ling pushed up her skirt and caressed her thighs. While Shen Qianshu was feeling jittery and nervous, a warm and rough hand touched her soft thighs, burning her skin.

Shen Qianshu could not think of how to react, but just at that moment, her stomach started growling… It was a growling sound that was calling for food, instantly ruining the passionate moment.

Ye Ling released her lips. His amber eyes were shining darkly like fiery flames.

And there was anger!

Shen Qianshu revealed an innocent smile. “I am hungry.”

“I am hungry too.”

But hungry for something else.

Ye Ling’s looked at her as if he was looking at a piece of delicious cake, wanting to eat her to satisfy his hunger.

“Master… my sweet and sour pork ribs are really delicious. Do you… still like to eat it?”

Seven years ago, it was Ye Ling’s favorite dish.

Ye Ling’s heart skipped a beat, and his index finger gently brushed past her red lips. Her lips were really dark, and the skin underneath his palm was as smooth as silk. “You still remember?”

“I remember.”

Shen Qianshu went against her conscience, unlocking part of that sealed memory that had long been locked up. After meeting him, she was forced to open it again.

He was a devil, sticking by and following her everywhere.