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Chapter 37: You Are Really Blind

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Shen Qianshu finished clearing up and saw him flipping through Noah’s collection book. Her face reddened. She wrote annotations at the side for some of the designs, and she felt as if her privacy was invaded. She hurriedly ran forward and snatched the book away.

Her face was red with embarrassment.

Ye Ling saw her annotations, and it was not a book published by Noah himself but instead published by someone who claimed to be a renowned jewelry designer. The designer gave some comments regarding Noah’s works, and on those that Shen Qianshu had differing views on, she had her own unique understanding.

“Why did you think that this is a moonstone?” Noah pointed at the transparent blue stone in the second picture. Noah’s works were displayed in one of Paris’s exhibitions before. Those that visited the exhibition could only see the gemstone with their naked eye and were not allowed to bring any professional tools to examine it. That piece of work then never saw the light again.

Most people thought that the transparent gemstone on the bracelet was either a piece of labradorite or a cat’s eye.

The stone gave off both an iridescence effect and a colorful effect.

It was widely debated.

Professionals determined that it was either a high-class cat’s eye or labradorite.

Shen Qianshu, however, annotated it as a moonstone.

Moonstone, also known as the “lover’s stone.”

This stone was unlike any other moonstone that had a transparent base. This stone had a light blue base, and the whole stone was transparent, giving off a special cat’s eye effect right in the middle of the gemstone. It was simply breathtaking.

Although transparent, the stone gave off an iridescence refraction that only labradorites had.

“I have never seen it in person, but from the pictures, I have never seen a labradorite’s base be so transparent before. The stone is completely transparent, without any inclusion. Last year, a collector took a piece of moonstone to Gubelin for appraisal. At that time, he visited two appraisal companies, and after the appraisal, both companies said that it was a labradorite. He suspected that it was a moonstone and thus took it to Gubelin. After five days of appraisal and analysis, two experienced appraisers and I certified that it was indeed a moonstone. This moonstone originated from the deep springs in Alps Mountain, and its color is really attractive. It did not have a centipede inclusion but only some needle-like inclusion. I went on to find out about some jewelry facts in the West and found out that moonstones originating from Alps Mountain did not have centipede inclusion, and its stone was transparent in nature. Due to natural conditions, the stone’s cross-section would refract a glimpse of iridescence effect. Thus, I feel that this moonstone came from Alps Mountain.”

“This is just plain, dumb luck!” Ye Ling looked at her and confirmed that this was only because Shen Qianshu was lucky.

In this world, there were only a small number of people who had seen this kind of moonstone.

“Master, am I right?” Shen Qianshu was surprised.

“This is really the moonstone from Alps Mountain,” Ye Ling calmly said. “Thousand years of being condensed into one, and after separating, it is a rare breed.”

“Master, how did you know?”

“Is this any of your business?” Ye Ling immediately raged and gave off the expression “ask any more questions, and I will turn into a mute.”

Shen Qianshu shuddered and instinctively shut her mouth.

Master sure is knowledgeable about jewelry.

AG Jewelry was also a strong international competitor. He had greater knowledge and experience; thus, having seen such a special moonstone was not surprising.

“Noah must be a romantic person.” Shen Qianshu’s eyes were filled with admiration and love. Having the ability to design so many weird and romantic pieces, he must be someone who was very romantic and had great emotions.

Ye Ling’s face darkened, suddenly grabbing her chin and turning her around. His amber eyes darkened. “You are really blind!”