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Chapter 44: A Quiet Good-Looking Man

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Shen Qianshu heaved a sigh of relief, took away Tong Hua’s phone, and said, “Don’t play with your phone. Go and bathe.”

Although Tong Hua was at the age to be mischievous, he was actually a really well-behaved boy. He finished packing up and went to bathe by himself. Shen Qianshu relaxed, thought of the god of plague in her room, and secretly went to the bedroom.

She was shocked after opening the door.

Shen Qianshu was a young girl at heart, all the things on her bed were purple and pink in color.

Ye Ling was sleeping in her bed and using her blanket.

He was asleep?

He slept?

Shen Qianshu moved forward cautiously without any noise, as he was sleeping very soundly. His face now was not as fierce and mean compared to when he was awake. His curly eyelashes cast a shadow on his face, and he was breathing softly, like a prince in deep sleep.

He was really a good-looking man.

During the day, he was a domineering king, but when asleep, he was a quiet and beautiful man, like a painting.

This temperamental man threatened to kill her and her son. He was ruthless as hell. Now, he was lying on her bed, sleeping like a rock. How could he, who looked like an innocent and pure man, kill people?

Was he not scared that she would just kill him?

Shen Qianshu thought back to her teenage years. She was really a boss in school. She was bossy and fierce, and not only did juniors back away when they saw her, seniors also did not dare to mess with her. She was mischievous and a trouble-maker, and she always thought that she was really the boss.

After meeting Ye Ling, she then realised that he was the real boss.

The real big devil.

Ruthless and violent.

Even seductive!

She was not afraid of him being ruthless but more afraid of him being seductive.

In just these few days, she really mastered the art of French kissing.

Tsk tsk tsk, a womanizer.

But really, ignoring his family background, just with a face like his, there would be many girls throwing themselves at him. As he was really handsome, it was very easy and effortless for him to pursue anyone. If it was not for the incident seven years ago, she would also fall for such a beautiful and handsome man in front of her.

Shen Qianshu stood in front of her bed, thinking of as many problems as she could imagine. She was troubled.

Should I wake him up?

Master will get very grumpy when he wakes up!

Seven years ago, she did not know that he would transform at night and that he would destroy things and barely sleep at all. Occasionally in the morning, she would suffer hits when inviting him down for breakfast. It was a very common occurrence.

Yes, Ye Ling frequently hit her.

Every time she woke him up, he would throw at her anything that he could reach.

There was once when she was hit by a cup and suffered a bruise on her knee for a whole week. She learnt better after that and let him sleep until he woke up himself. However, he would also find fault in her, blaming her for not waking him up for breakfast and starving him.

Basically, he was just difficult to please.

She would definitely get hit waking him up now. Shen Qianshu took a deep breath, resisted the urge to wake him up, and went out of the bedroom.

After showering, Tong Hua was clean and smelled nice. His bad mood was long gone. Shen Qianshu put down her work and went to the study room to teach Tong Hua French. Shen Qianshu was proficient in French, English, and German. Due to Mommy’s influence, Tong Hua had a strong passion for foreign languages too. He was already proficient in English and German. In addition, he learned a year of French and was quite good at it. Every day during his filming breaks, he would listen to different kinds of French news and read relevant books.

Shen Qianshu used French to communicate with Tong Hua, and she surprisingly found out that although he was not tested on the language for a month, he could actually reach her communication level. Although not proficient, he was good enough to engage in daily conservations.

“Tong Hua, you have improved by leaps and bounds!” Shen Qianshu could not help but be shocked. He was really a genius. Tong Hua was a really intelligent boy, had high IQ, and learnt everything quickly. He long mastered the English taught in school and could engage in conversations with foreigners fluently, German included.