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Chapter 45: An Old Dream

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He was indeed not her son.

She was always someone with poor grades.

She was able to enroll in the Paris College of Arts because a professor fell in love with her jewelry design.

Her results were actually far from the admission criteria.

She was considered an exception.

“It’s because Mommy taught me well, even clearer than how the teacher taught.”

“The teacher mainly teaches you grammar while Mommy teaches you conversational language.”

“I like Mommy’s teaching.”

Shen Qianshu stroked his head dotingly. “What else did you learn recently?”

“Other than learning French and the high school’s syllabus, I always learned performing arts, catwalk, and script mastery from the company’s teachers,” Tong Hua cutely said. After thinking for a while, he continued and said, “Teacher also taught me how to play the piano, violin, and how to dance.”

“You… learned so many things?”

“Many?” Tong Hua’s eyes shone, and he was really cute. “I am still left with two hours to play games every day. I plan to play for one hour and use the other hour to learn another language. Mommy, which language should I learn?”

Shen Qianshu’s heart ached. Although he was really a genius, there was still a lot of hard work put in.

“Tong Hua, you have learned enough. When Mommy was your age, I only knew how to bully kids. You can use your remaining time to play with your friends.”

“No friends.” Tong Hua lowered his head slightly, and before Shen Qianshu could feel sorry for him, he raised his head again. “I don’t need friends. Mommy is enough for me.”

Shen Qianshu felt conflicted. She was happy and sad at the same time.

Tong Hua was too clever, and the school syllabus could not keep up with his growing pace. Even though he rarely attended lessons, he would always come in first during exams.

The child stars in the entertainment industry.

Tong Hua was not really willing to interact with them.

Thus, he naturally had few friends.

“Mommy, don’t worry. It’s better to not make any friends just for the sake of it. I will have like-minded friends like Mommy and Auntie Xiaojuan.”

“Alright,” Shen Qianshu thought for a moment and said. “Mommy still thinks that you are learning too much stuff. You need more time to relax.”

“It’s ok. Playing games is a form of relaxing.”

“You always criticise your teammates when playing.”

“Criticising is a form of relaxing!” Tong Hua said. “Seeing how they are so dumb but still playing carefreely, I will then have a sense of relaxation.”

Such dumb people, were they actually still alive?

I am so clever, I will definitely live a long life.

Brilliant logic!

Nothing wrong at all!

Shen Qianshu was speechless.

Tong Hua went to sleep at 9.30 PM, but before sleeping, he listened to French storytelling for a short while. Shen Qianshu went back to her bedroom, and Ye Ling was still sleeping soundly. She considered waking him up or letting him continue to sleep, and she chose the latter.

Shen Qianshu took a jewelry collection book to read in the living room. She dimmed the lights and covered herself with a comforter.

This jewelry collection book was in English, the one that was just released. It gave a detailed introduction to the various common gemstones about their origin, structure, radiance, and refraction in the market. It also introduced some rare gemstones, some that Shen Qianshu had never seen before. She was really curious and interested in them.

She was really tired today, being physically and mentally exhausted. Not long after reading, she dozed off unknowingly.

Shen Qianshu had a dream.

A very painful memory.

Back then in the hospital, she was helpless, and with no other choice, she was forced to seek help from the Shen Family. Shen Xiong and Fang Xia started shouting at her in the hospital.

Fang Xia said, “What did you even study in Paris? Why should we spend money to save a bastard child that you had with a random man? As a girl, do you have any decency? Giving birth before getting married, what are you going to do in the future with such a burden?”

“Mom, he is not a bastard child. He’s my son.”