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Chapter 6: Pregnant

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When Shen Qianshu woke up, she found herself in hospital. She lay silently on the hospital bed, surrounded by beeping machines and sterile white walls. Her mind was blank for a while, lifeless, then the memories from that horrible night flooded into her mind. She slowly registered the soreness and pain that flared weakly from deep within her body. It was as if the pain was engraved deeply within her bones and had now started paralysing her nerves. She felt numb.

“Sara, you are finally awake.” She could hear Luther’s voice. Shen Qianshu turned around stiffly, and saw Butler Luther beside her. He was not someone you would consider kind-hearted, but at that moment, there was sympathy in his eyes. “You were in a critical condition and unconscious for four days. After the doctor’s emergency treatment, you were finally saved.”

Shen Qianshu’s face was pale as Luther’s words came into her mind.

Remember, do not stay overnight in the castle.

She had… given herself to the devil.


Why did he treat her like that?

“Master was emotionally unstable, I hope you will be able to forgive him.” Luther bowed slightly.

Shen Qianshu’s gaze was dull, her eyes dead. “Why?”

No one could give her an answer.

Shen Qianshu stayed in the hospital for seven days. Butler Luther came to visit her three times and paid for all of her medical fees. On the day she was discharged, Luther came and gave her a check.

“Miss Sara, Master said that he no longer needs you as a chaperon. This check is a form of compensation for you.”

Shen Qianshu looked down at the numbers on the check.

One million euros.

How generous.

Her virginity was worth a million euros. There might not be many in the world who could claim that their virginity was valued higher than hers.

Humiliation. Loss. Irony. Desolation. A whirlpool of negative emotions trapped her like a net, drawing her in and enshrouding her in an endless cycle of despair. In this world of weightlessness, she was lost.

On a subconscious level, she wanted to rip the humiliating check into a million tiny shreds. However, this too, was fleeting, her mind was blank and all sound thoughts were gone.

“I want to meet with Master.”

“Master doesn’t wish to see you.”

Shen Qianshu gave a small, sad smile.

Butler Luther pondered to himself, Sara, perhaps you are Master’s only light in this life.

I have never seen him so concerned over anyone!

That is why he will not meet you.

He is scared of hurting you.

However, there is no way you will ever know.

Shen Qianshu returned to her small apartment and lay down for three whole days before she was able to fully recover.

She could no longer change the past. Now that the tragedy had already happened, she would not let herself dwell on it and live on in despair. Her whole life depended on her to move forward. Her family had abandoned her long ago, leaving her in Paris to fend for herself. Other than earning money for the sake of it, she would work hard for her future and become a person that lived with dignity.

Shen Qianshu started attending language classes diligently; they were divided into English and French lessons. When it came time to choose her specialisation online, she unexpectedly chose the second specialisation.


Psychology was taught in English and although her English ability was not too bad, it was not sufficient on a professional level to consider a specialised course, so she had to work hard to improve. In addition to attending language classes, she kept herself busy and worked part-time to teach French students Chinese, earning her living expenses to support her goals.

She thought that her life would continue in such a way at first.

Learning the languages, attending university, earning money; she had settled into a steady routine and was determined to make something of herself… until a medical report shocked her to the core six months later, turning her stable life upside-down.

She was pregnant!

Seven years later.

City A’s Jewelry Fair was held in Cultural Arts Center, Hall 1. It was an event that gathered famous brands from all across the globe, as well as individual works from renowned designers both locally and internationally. Spanning over an area of close to 25,000 square meters, the fair showcased an incomparable array of accessories and jewels with diverse styles and from different origins. It was the place to be, in the world of jewelry.

Shen Qianshu was admiring the works of different designers from around the world. As opposed to works from more renowned brands, where she only gave a quick, cursory glance, Shen Qianshu preferred works that were unique, with strong personal styles that differed from the norm.

A City’s Jewelry Fair had only one individual exhibition hall. It was also where her most admired designer, Noah, would make his first appearance at the fair.

Noah was the jewelry industry’s most enigmatic designer, the one and only.

He had debuted in Paris’s jewelry fair five years ago, entering the scene and shocking the world when the only work he showcased, was auctioned off for a hefty sum of ten million US dollars. He had very few works, only a small handful each year. His designs were incredibly unique and often encompassed different styles; though all would carry the same mysterious and dark aura that had become synonymous with him. He was termed as dark royalty, his strong personal style distinct and undeniably attractive, resonating a deep darkness from within.