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Chapter 57: High Curiosity CEO Li

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“The owner has already said. I appraised it. Furthermore, I could not even differentiate real from fake with the equipment the owner gave us. How would she be able to with her bare eyes?” The expression in Shen Qianshu’s eyes was calm as she said that. They continued shopping around. Along the way, there was a sudden silence.

Li Zhiyuan kept looking at her face from the side. Shen Qianshu’s side profile was so attractive.

Some people look good from the front but have an average-looking side profile.

She was a beauty who looked great from all angles. Her side profile was even more beautiful.

She shopped at over ten stalls, gathering information meticulously. Li Zhiyuan looked as she spoke to clients smilingly. From the way she spoke to many stall owners, it could be seen that she was familiar with many of them, and she was very popular. Both male and female owners liked her.

But he could not see the smile from the expression in her eyes.

Lin Xuan and Shen Lin affected her mood.

She was unhappy, but she did not show it out.

Shen Qianshu and Shen Lin. They both had the Shen family name.

But it was unheard of that the Shen Family had two daughters.

Currently, the media knew that Tong Hua had an angelic mother, and even fewer people noticed the news from years ago where people found out that Tong Hua was adopted. Everyone saw them as mother and son. Li Zhiyuan did some investigation before finding out that they were not biologically mother and son.

But many people say that Qianshu was pregnant. What about that?

Tong Hua is her biological son?

The thought existed in his brain for ten seconds.

So what if he was?

The only difference was that he had to know how to deal with the conservative people at home.

Shen Qianshu found the manager of the Spring Court Fair. Gubelin had gotten cooperation with the police, and the management got her samples quickly. Shen Qianshu contacted Chen Qiuxiang, and the two of them worked separately. Chen Qiuxiang also gained a lot. The pair had been busying themselves until three in the afternoon tirelessly, and they collected a lot of information. Shen Qianshu felt as if she was going blind. That was why she felt that wearing a white lab coat in the gem lab doing tests suited her more.

Chen Qiuxiang sent the information to the office while Shen Qianshu could knock off from work immediately.

“CEO Li, how free. You followed me for a day.”

He did not go to work in the afternoon either.

“You only had two packets of biscuits in the afternoon. Are you hungry? Can I treat you to a meal?”

Shen Qianshu had been extremely hungry for a long time and was thinking of cooking at home. She also wanted to organize her reports for the following month. Li Zhiyuan made the invitation, and she also remembered that Li Zhiyuan had helped her much today. The pair seemed to have achieved a friendship revolution.

“Let’s make it clear. I’m treating.”

“Since forever, when a man goes out with a lady, there is no such thing as a lady being the one who treats.”

Shen Qianshu said, “… You accompanied me for the entire day. It is only right that I treat you. Otherwise, I’m going home.”

What a chauvinist. Fortunately, she had met a chauvinist like Ye Ling.

“You shall treat!” CEO Li was straightforward about it.

Shen Qianshu chose to eat at a restaurant with Cantonese cuisine.

It was too early to order food for a proper meal.

She listened to Li Zhiyuan’s suggestion and had afternoon tea before having a proper meal.

Shen Qianshu looked at the busy road beneath her and looked like she had something on her mind.

Li Zhiyuan asked, “What’s with you and the Shen Family? How are you related?”

Shen Qianshu regained her composure and smiled. “You finally asked after holding it in for so long.”

Li Zhiyuan felt awkward, but he was indeed curious.

“When Shen Lin and I were born, the hospital gave the wrong child to the wrong family. I was the princess of the Shen Family for fifteen years before the truth unfolded. Shen Lin was taken back the Shen Family,” Shen Qianshu said calmly. This incident changed her life.

Li Zhiyuan was astonished. “So it’s actually possible for wrong babies to be given to wrong families…”

It was no wonder that Shen Lin’s attitude towards her was so odd.