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Chapter 25: Reunion

Zheng Chao looked at Lin Yin’s departing figure and recalled the faint fragrance in the air. A frivolous smile appeared on his lips.


The next moment, Su Fei was behind him, her fists clenched. It took all her strength to control herself.

This Lin Yin dared to seduce her fiancé on the first day she came to school! She had snatched her room and her identity away. Now, she even wanted to snatch her fiancé away!

Hearing the discussion behind him, Zheng Chao realized that Su Fei was standing behind him. He quickly grabbed Su Fei’s hand and smiled. “Feifei, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Su Fei pouted and asked aggrievedly, “Who was that woman just now?”

“I bumped into her by accident. I don’t know her either. I asked her to apologize, but she refused. She’s unreasonable!” Zheng Chao replied. It was not that he did not hear the discussions around him. That was the real daughter of the Su Family-Lin Yin!

He actually wanted to cover for her! Su Fei’s anger rose another notch.

The closer she got to the classroom, the more the memories of her previous life surged.

In the corridor, there was an inconspicuous pillar. Lin Yin looked back. She had been surrounded here before and asked to kneel down and beg for mercy by a yellow-haired woman.

Naturally, she refused, so she took advantage of the other party’s surprise and counterattacked. She strangled the woman’s neck and hit her against the pillar three times, scaring the other bullies away.

She protected herself, but when she returned home, she was beaten and scolded by Chu Yun. She blamed her for provoking those shady people and embarrassing the Su Family.

Su Fei deliberately fanned the flames. She said to Chu Yun, “Mom, don’t be angry and ruin your health. Sister didn’t do it on purpose. She won’t dare to do it again.”

She then winked at her, wanting to please both sides. She said, “Sister, quickly apologize to Mom. Don’t make Mom angry…”

At that time, Chu Yun would always scold her indiscriminately. Even if Su Fei tried to persuade her, it was useless. In Chu Yun’s eyes, she could not see love. She could only see disgust, as if she was a person who had done bad things and was evil.

That time, Chu Yun had smashed the teacup on her head, causing her to have a wound on her head. It was only when blood flowed that Su Fei and Aunt Li stood up for her that the one-sided beating ended.

She remembered that Chu Yun’s face was full of impatience. She said, “I’m tired. Aunt Li, bandage her. It’s not a big problem. There’s no need to call the doctor.”

At that time, Su Fei wanted to come over to look at her wound, but Chu Yun took her away forcefully.

At that time, she felt that Su Wei and Auntie Li were the ones who treated her well. Her eyes and brain were filled with thoughts of how to make her mother accept her. Now that she thought about it, she was really stupid, funny, and gullible back then.

When Lin Yin sorted out her thoughts, she realized that she had already arrived at the classroom door. It was still the same classroom as before, and the people inside were still the same as she remembered.

There was a large crowd in front of the classroom. Lin Yin heard a wave of ridicule.

“Where did this lowly person come from? She actually wants to be in the same class as us?”

“Look at her clothes. It’s better not to wear such rags out. How unlucky. Don’t sit beside me.”

Looking in their direction, there was an uneasy young girl standing at the door. She had a simple ponytail and tears in her eyes. She was wearing a faded pink shirt and jeans. She held the school bag in her hand and stood at the door, not daring to walk into the classroom.

Her shabby appearance was despised and mocked by everyone.

It was really a coincidence. How could Lin Yin forget that her best friend from her previous life, Jia Qing, was also in this class?

Jia Qing and Lin Yin grew up together. They were top students from ordinary families and were accepted by West Axis Academy because of their outstanding results.

However, her father was an alcoholic. He took away all the scholarship funds given by West Axis Academy and only gave her a school bag. He even sold the school uniform given by the school.

In her previous life, Lin Yin’s heart ached for her. Ever since she arrived at the Su Family, she had never let Jia Qing go poor.

In her panic, Jia Qing suddenly saw a familiar figure in the crowd. It was Lin Yin! Lin Yin had flown up the tree and become a phoenix. With her around, she would definitely help her.

“You…” Jia Qing probed nervously,” Do you still remember me? ”

Lin Yin ignored her and continued walking, not even looking at her.

She remembered. How could she not remember?

She did not just remember her. Lin Yin remembered everything her best friend did in her previous life.