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Chapter 33

Xiao Junhao noticed that Xiao Nanye’s expression turned cold, so he instinctively changed the way he addressed him.

When Xiao Nanye heard this, he not only did not deny it, but nodded and said, “It’s good that you know.”


Seeing that he really admitted it, Xiao Junhao’s eyes showed a few surprises, but mostly jealousy. “Imperial Uncle, I have known Miss Jiang before you. I don’t know why you think she would definitely…”

“Just based on this king’s face.”

Before Xiao Junhao could finish speaking, Xiao Nanye interrupted him.

When he heard this, Xiao Junhao was full of shock, and Han Feng beside him was also stunned.

It was the first time he knew that his master was actually so shameless.

Xiao Junhao wanted to argue, but upon seeing Xiao Nanye’s face, he couldn’t deny that King Cheng was the most handsome person in the capital.

“Remember what this king said. Otherwise, don’t blame this king for not caring about the relationship between uncle and nephew.”

After saying this, Xiao Nanye confidently walked away. Han Feng glanced at Xiao Junhao with sympathy and quickly followed.

Watching him leave, Xiao Junhao’s eyes grew dark with frustration.

At this moment, Pei Wu approached him. “Your Highness, Jiang Hong will be returning to the capital soon. If you can’t make Miss Jiang fond of you before then, it might be difficult for Jiang Hong to support you.”

“Pei Wu, do you think that if Jiang Peihuan becomes mine, the Jiang family will have no choice but to join me?”

“Your Highness, are you suggesting…?”

Upon hearing Xiao Junhao’s words, Pei Wu felt a shiver of fear. However, the speaker didn’t say anything more and simply left, following the path downhill.

Jiang Peihuan was unaware of what happened after she left.

After leading Jiang Sijin and Jiang Songbai into the temple, her heart was filled with devotion.

Having been reborn, she began to revere spirits and fate, believing in a predestined path.

“Grandmother, Third Aunt.”

Jiang Peihuan approached the old madam and Liu Xiu, giving them a respectful bow.

“You’re here. Come, let’s go offer incense with your grandmother.”


The group slowly advanced and, under the abbot’s guidance, knelt before the Bodhisattva.

Everyone closed their eyes, thinking about their desires.

Jiang Peihuan smelled the incense in the air and felt a sense of peace.

In her new life, her only wish was to protect her family, with no other ambitions.

With these thoughts in her heart, Jiang Peihuan opened her eyes and devoutly bowed down.

“Elder Sister, what did you ask the Bodhisattva for?”

Jiang Peihuan had just handed the incense to Yue Er when Jiang Sijin ran up to her, smiling. Hearing this, Jiang Songbai laughed and said, “If you tell your wish, it won’t come true.”

Listening to her siblings, Jiang Peihuan smiled and gently touched Jiang Sijin’s hair. “I asked the Bodhisattva to bless you and Song Bai, so you can grow up safely and for our family to live in peace and happiness.”

“Young Miss, the Old Madam and Third Madam said we should head back to the residence.”

At that moment, Yue Er hurried to Jiang Peihuan’s side, her tone urgent.

“What happened?”

“The King of Huainan has sent a betrothal gift. Second Madam sent someone to inform us, and Old Madam decided we should set off early.”

“Alright, I understand.”

In the past, the old madam would have a vegetarian meal before returning home. Now, due to the King of Huainan’s betrothal gift, she took the Jiang family back to the mansion ahead of schedule.

As the carriage arrived at the entrance of the General’s Mansion, Jiang Peihuan heard Zhou Rongfang’s voice. “Mother, you’re finally back.”

Jiang Peihuan could tell that her second aunt was in a great mood just by listening to her voice.

Upon getting off the carriage, she understood why.

At the mansion entrance, people were coming and going, each of them holding gifts in their hands. By the time they reached the Chrysanthemum Hall, the courtyard was filled with presents.

“Huainan Mansion is truly sincere.”

The Liu family was the wealthiest merchant family in Qi Kingdom. Liu Xiu, being accustomed to luxurious things, couldn’t help but admit that this was a grand gesture.

However, when Jiang Peihuan saw these betrothal gifts, there was some doubt in her eyes.

In her previous life, the dowry from the Huainan Mansionwas quite ordinary, but in this life, it was a lavish offering.

Nevertheless, Jiang Peihuan didn’t believe that the Huainan Mansion had taken a liking to Jiang Ruyun because of this.

In the eyes of Zhou Rongfang and Jiang Ruyun, though, the gifts seemed to be a genuine token of goodwill. Especially for Jiang Ruyun, who couldn’t help but smile upon seeing the presents, even forgetting the pain on her body.

“Let’s not just stand here. Let’s go inside and talk,” the old madam said indifferently, glancing at the betrothal gifts filling the courtyard.

Liu Xiu and Nanny Xu went forward to hold the old madam’s hand, while Jiang Peihuan, Jiang Sijin, and the others followed.

“Mother, these are the betrothal gifts from the Huainan Mansion. Please take a look,” Zhou Rongfang said as soon as the old madam sat down, handing her the gift list.

The old madam, however, didn’t reach out to take it, merely saying calmly, “Since you’ve already seen it, there’s no need for me to look.”

“Ruyun is your daughter, and you’re the one who agreed to this marriage. I won’t say anything more about it.”

“But this marriage was decided hastily. As Ruyun’s mother, you should put in more effort for her. I’ll leave the wedding preparations to you.”

Finishing her words, the old madam looked at Jiang Peihuan. “Huan Er, you’ve been out all day. Go back and rest.”

“Yes, Grandmother,” Jiang Peihuan replied, bowing to the old madam before leaving with Jiang Sijin.

“Eldest sister, what do you think the Huainan Royal Family is up to?” Jiang Sijin asked, after they left the Chrysanthemum Hall.

At her question, Jiang Peihuan smiled. “What do you think?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Logically, the Huainan Mansion should be quite dissatisfied with our Second Sister. But they sent such a generous betrothal gift. Is it because of our father?”

“It’s not entirely because of Father.”

“Then why?”

Jiang Sijin’s eyes filled with curiosity at her sister’s words, but Jiang Peihuan didn’t continue, simply nodding at her. “Think about it yourself.”

With that, Jiang Peihuan led Ye Xiao and Yue Er to her plum garden.

That night, as Jiang Peihuan prepared for bed, there was a knock on her door.

Yue Er entered Jiang Peihuan’s room. “Eldest Miss, Second Madam and Third Madam are quarreling. Young Master Song Bai asked me to invite you.”


Jiang Peihuan nodded, seemingly having anticipated this already.

As Yue Er helped her dress, she asked, “Miss, why aren’t you surprised at all?”

“There’s nothing to be surprised about.”

It was just a matter of dowry.

Aristocratic families prepared their daughters’ marriages based on the bride price. Since the Huainan Prince bride price was so generous, Zhou Rongfang had to prepare a matching dowry.

But her second uncle was only a fifth-grade military guard commander. Where could her second aunt find the dowry?

“Third sister-in-law, are you implying that you won’t provide my Yun Er’s dowry?”