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Chapter 50: The Strange Patient

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Save someone?” She subconsciously asked, “How did you know…”


Before she could finish speaking, she immediately understood. She had never hidden what she had done, so it was not surprising that he guessed her identity.

Then, she continued to ask, “Who do you want me to save?”

Huangfu Ruiling did not look like an ordinary person and could definitely find the best doctor in the world. Why did he come to her? Even though she thought that she was better than all the other doctors, no one else knew it! As to Chen Kang’s illness, she had only seen him a few times and had not really started to treat him.

Huangfu Ruiling gestured for Li Yi to pass the medical records to her.

After she took the medical chart, she began to read it carefully. Because of her cultivation and her powerful mental strength, she could now read ten lines at a glance and remember everything she saw. She finished reading the thick stack of medical records in less than ten minutes.

However, after reading the medical records, she could not help but frown.

Because from the chart, that person seemed to be asleep instead of being sick. However, this patient had already been asleep for three years. It was impossible for ordinary people to sleep for such a long time.

Accurately speaking, the patient was not in a vegetative state. Most vegetables would lose most of their body functions, and various parts of their body would continue to degenerate. Although the person in the medical chart had not woken up, everything was normal. The bodily functions did deteriorate, but it was not that serious. Even if the patient woke up, that wouldn’t do much damage to the body.

Huangfu Ruiling sat there quietly and didn’t press her for a reply. On the contrary, Li Yi, who was standing behind him, looked like he wanted to say something but hesitated. When he looked at Ye Leng’an, there were complicated feelings in his eyes. He seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t open his mouth.

After a long while, Ye Leng’an put down the medical records and did not answer if she was willing to treat the patient. Instead, she asked, “Why do you think that I can cure her?”

The person on the medical chart was a woman, and she was still very young.

“I believe you can do it.” Huangfu Ruling didn’t answer her question directly.

“Do you believe that you can do that?”

“I need to check the patient.” Ye Leng’an said after pondering for a moment.

She couldn’t tell anything from the medical records, so, she needed to see the patient personally and to confirm if she could do that. She did think that her medical skills were superb, but she would not boast that she could cure any illness.

“Sure. When are you free?” Huangfu Ruiling nodded. “I will bring you there.”

Ye Leng’an nodded and said, “As for the household registration, I’m very sorry. I hacked into the public security system without your permission and added my name to your household register. Don’t worry, I’ll move it out soon.”

After knowing his real purpose, she felt much more at ease. However, she had no intention of staying in Huangfu Ruiling’s household register. He did not look like someone to be trifled with and could be considered as the bywvord of trouble. She did not want to mess with such a person. If she really cured the patient that he mentioned, she did not want to have anything to do with him anymore.

Therefore, she must change her household registration.

“No need.” Huangfu Ruiling’s attitude was very firm. “Since I said that you could continue to stay in my household register, there is no need to change it.”

Ye Leng’an didn’t insist on saying anything when she saw the determined look on his face. But she secretly made up her mind that after he left, she would immediately change her guardian. Moreover, she had to be extremely cautious this time and definitely could not get herself into such trouble again.

After agreeing on the time to see the patient, Ye Leng’an also gave some basic information about herself to Huangfu Ruiling and asked him to help her register in the Hidden World.

Since she was living in this world, she felt that she had to follow the rules of this world. Moreover, to be honest, she was still a little curious about that Hidden World. If she had the chance, she planned to take a look.

After Huangfu Ruiling left, she immediately took out her laptop and planned to change her household registration as well as her guardian.

This time, she carefully chose a lonely old man in his sixties and would never provoke a troublesome person like Huangfu Ruiling again.

She planned to give the old man financial aid anonymously after she transferred her household registration under the old man’s name so that the lonely old man could live comfortably for the rest of his life. This was also her gratitude to the old man, and it could also be considered a kind of deal, although the old man would not know it.

A moment later, Ye Leng’an looked at the screen and couldn’t help but curse,

“Huangfu Ruiling, you won..”