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Chapter 50: Not This Way

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Tan Si could only immediately get to the point. She choked and said, “Si Cheng, 1 don’t know who took a photo of me going to give birth. I’m being attacked by the entire Internet now but I don’t care. I’m more worried about our child. If others find out that he was born without a status, those netizens will definitely say hateful things about the baby being an illegitimate child. Si Cheng, when are you and Sister going to get the divorce certificate?”


Tan Si sobbed softly. After not hearing Si Cheng’s reply for a few seconds, she panicked. “Si Cheng?”

Soon, a low voice came from the receiver. “I’ll get it as quickly as I can.”

Tan Si asked again, “How fast is that? Can it be by this week?”

Si Cheng lowered his eyes for a moment and replied impatiently again, “I said I’ll do it as soon as possible. I’ve been really busy recently. I’ll do it after I’m done with work! Alright, 1 still have something urgent to deal with here. I’ll contact you later.”

With that, Si Cheng hung up.

Tan Si frowned upon hearing his final tone.


Seeing this, Wang Li and Tan Xiang knew that things were not going well. “Is Si Cheng unwilling to get a divorce now?”

Tan Si clenched her fists. “He only said as soon as possible, but based on my understanding of him, he hates Tan Ming very much. Moreover, he firmly believes that she seduced men everywhere before she got married and even had an abortion. 1 don’t believe that he can tolerate such a woman as his wife.”

Wang Li thought for a moment and guessed, “Could it be that he found out you didn’t tell him the truth?!”

Tan Si’s face turned pale when she heard this. The Si Corporation was inconspicuous in the country, but it was still a relatively powerful leading company locally. If he found out that all of this was a scam, her family’s company would suffer severely!

Tan Xiang clicked his tongue impatiently and said calmly, “Don’t you women have any logic? If he knew, he wouldn’t have had that attitude towards Si Si just now! Something else must have happened that made him choose not to do it immediately.”

Tan Si panicked. “Then what is it?”

Tan Xiang shook his head. “Wait for two days first. If there’s still no update, get the servants to cook some chicken soup the day after tomorrow. Go to the Si Corporation and look around. There are some things that you have to see in person about the other party’s reaction to understand better.”

After Tan Xiang gave them the plan, the mother and daughter felt a little more at ease.

At 7:30 the next day, Tan Ming didn’t want Si Cheng to know that she lived next door, so she went out 15 minutes early. She brought her identification documents and waited at the entrance of the district.

Si Cheng deliberately went downstairs five minutes late. When he saw Tan Ming waiting obediently, his anger from last night dissipated a little. Si Cheng drove the car to Tan Ming. “Get in.”

Tan Ming glanced at Si Cheng, opened the back door, and got in.

Si Cheng pursed his lips tightly when he saw Tan Ming’s actions.

Seeing that Si Cheng wasn’t driving, Tan Ming urged him in confusion, “Hurry up and drive.”

Si Cheng looked at Tan Ming through the rearview mirror in the car and said expressionlessly, “Do you think I’m your driver?”

Tan Ming was stunned for a moment. She really didn’t think that way. She just remembered how Si Cheng usually avoided her like a snake. That was why she chose to sit in the back seat to keep a distance.

After the accidental sex between the two of them, they never touched again. Even if Tan Ming accidentally touched Si Cheng’s arm, she would still attract his disgusted gaze.

Tan Ming secretly rolled her eyes. As she opened the car door, she muttered softly, “How difficult to please.”

Si Cheng saw Tan Ming’s mouth move and frowned. “Are you scolding me?”

Tan Ming didn’t want to quarrel early in the morning. Furthermore, they had serious matters to attend to. Hence, she took a deep breath before opening the door of the front seat. She sat down and revealed a sweet smile. “You’re thinking too much. I was saying that 1 ate too much for breakfast today.”

Tan Ming’s smile dazzled Si Cheng’s eyes. She was like a sunflower under the scorching sun, full of vitality and infectiousness.

When Tan Ming saw Si Cheng staring at her in a daze, she waved her palm in front of Si Cheng in confusion. “What are you looking at?”

Si Cheng blinked and came back to his senses. He immediately turned to look straight ahead and started the car.

Tan Ming sat quietly in the front passenger seat. The atmosphere was a little awkward, but she did not intend to speak. After all, the two of them had nothing to talk about.

As Si Cheng drove, he could not help but wonder why Tan Ming had changed so much.

Tan Ming saw that the route was getting more and more diverted. She turned around and reminded him, “Did you drive the wrong way? The Civil Affairs Bureau isn’t this way..”