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Bigshot Mr. Fu's Wife is Sweet and Wild

Author:Dong Qiaow

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Lastest Update:2023-09-18 02:38:30

The Latest Chapter:Chapter 50 - 50 Self-Recommendation

Qin Jianxi transmigrated into a novel with a lot of cliches.

She became the female supporting character with terrible relationships. The male lead called off their wedding, the female lead used her, and the male supporting character exacted revenge on her.

She even donated her liver and kidney to her family. She was exploited in every way possible.

She was such a kind person that she ended up losing everything and even died a terrible death.

Now that she had become the supreme female supporting character, she had a full-on mental breakdown.

Wasn't money good? Wasn't food delicious? Wasn't it nice to be alive? Why did she have to do all those things...

The first time Fu Ge met Qin Jianxi, Qin Jianxi was teaching her ex-fiance a lesson.

'This woman is fierce,' he thought to himself.

The second time he met her, she leaped from the fourth floor and landed perfectly on the ground.

He, too had a mental breakdown.

The third time he met her, she was dancing on stage. She was sweet, seductive, and wild.

He had completely fallen for her.

When all the jerks realized this woman was married to the wealthiest man in the country, they all had a mental breakdown.

They longed for the day he would divorce her.

In the end, she was the greatest researcher alive, the fastest human calculator, and the most brilliant genius in the medical field.

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