Chapter 2: This... Isn’t This Han Zhuoli?

Just as Lu Man jumped out of the window, someone pushed the door open.

However, Lu Man did not care about that anymore.

Luckily, there was a balcony outside of the window with enough space for her to stand after she had jumped.

Through the window, Lu Man saw that the people in the hotel room were planning to check the balcony; thus, she anxiously looked left and right and was pleasantly surprised to find that the window to the hotel room on her right was open.

Enduring her fear of heights, she climbed towards the window on her right, quickly stumbled down it and landed onto the carpet with a ‘plop.’

She rolled twice before coming to a stop when suddenly a pair of feet wearing slippers came into her vision.


This pair of feet were much larger than hers, and with one look she could tell that they belonged to a guy. His toenails were neatly trimmed, and as her eyes moved upwards, she saw his uncovered calves, which were long and straight. Even his lower legs seemed to be longer than those of an average person.

Upon lifting her head a little more, she realized that there was only a towel covering him; thus, she could see his distinct abs. This man had a great figure that made one want to throw themselves at him.

However, she froze upon seeing his face, as if she had been struck by lightning.

This... Isn’t this Han Zhuoli? In her past life, she did not have a chance to see him this closely. She had only seen him from afar at events as Lu Qi’s assistant.

Han Zhuoli was the CEO of the Han Media Company and frequently appeared in media reports.

Despite having a devastatingly handsome face, and owning more than half of the entertainment industry, there had never been any gossip of him being with any female celebrity.


As such, he had always been regarded as a male god, and many young women with romantic fantasies regarded him as their ideal partner.

But why was he here? She pondered.

Could it be that in her past life, he had always been next door? Then had he seen her discomposure as she was taken away by the police?

Han Zhuoli looked at her mockingly. “I have seen several women who actively throw themselves at me, but I have never seen someone climbing through a window just to throw themself at me.”

As Han Zhuoli bent down slightly, Lu Man’s eyes were drawn to the towel he had wrapped around his waist, which seemed like it would fall off anytime with his movements.

The next moment, her lower jaw was held by his long and slender fingers. “We are at a height of 26 floors. It seems that you’re trying very hard.”


Just as Lu Man was about to speak, there was an uproar from the balcony outside.

“How could it be that there’s no one here? Did they escape from the balcony?”

Lu Man froze at that sound.

Whether it was her past life or this life, she would never forget this voice.

This voice belonged to her b*stard boyfriend, He Zhengbai’s, who later became her fiance.

In her past life, the director did not die. He had only been harmed severely.

While she had been imprisoned on the charge of a crime of intentional injury, and she had been given a sentence of eight years because the victim had suffered severe injuries. As soon as she had gotten into trouble, that man had instantly told the media that he had broken up with her long ago, and no longer had any relations with her.

Yet if it were only that, she would not have hated him, she would have just taken it, as she had been blind when she fell for him.

However, when she had been released from prison, she found out that he had become Lu Qi’s fiance, and the two were admired by the public as a golden couple.

It turned out that even before this whole incident had happened; they had already been seeing each other.

So, after Lu Qi had harmed someone and escaped, the person she had asked for help from was He Zhengbai.

It was his idea to return to the hotel room along with Lu Qi for removing all the traces that she had left behind and put the blame on Lu Man.

No wonder she had gotten into trouble then! Thus when she had looked for him to ask for his help, she could not find him. It turned out that framing her had been his idea all along.

He Zhengbai even had a face of contempt upon seeing her after her release from prison, saying, “You should use a mirror to look at yourself now. Even back then, you could not match up to me, and now more than ever, you don’t deserve me.”

Then, as if she were a beggar, he had taken out a ten yuan note from his wallet and threw it at her feet.