‚Äč "Jiang Huaizhou, are you dumb?" said Qu Mengyu, "I am telling you, she's someone's mistress, and that person was an old man!"

Qu Mengyu pointed at Dong Yujie and told Jiang Huaizhou, "Didn't Lu Qiyuan go to jail? He's easy to find. Go visit the prison and ask him!"

What are you talking about?" Suddenly, a gentle but cold voice of a woman sounded.

As her parents were in the way, Qu Mengyu could not see who it was.

However, when Dong Yujie heard the voice, she knew that it was Lu Man!

It was such a coincidence to meet her here.

Lu Man had a cold expression as she walked over with Han Zhuoli.


There was a gathering for their family today.

As it was Mother's Day, Old Mrs. Han suggested inviting Xia Qingwei and Shi Xiaoya's mother together with their families to celebrate it together.

As for Xie Jiling's parents, they had already returned to the Xie Family's manor. They were currently not in B City, or else they would have come along.

Everyone came from their own homes, so now Lu Man and Han Zhuoli came alone.

The whole family was meeting in the private room.

Unexpectedly, when she was going to the private room, she heard someone mentioning Lu Qiyuan.


The female voice sounded extremely arrogant and harsh.

When she used the word 'mistress', the first thing that Lu Man thought of was Dong Yujie.

When she walked over, she heard what Qu Mengyu said.

Lu Man also heard Jiang Huaizhou say that he was married to Dong Yujie.

Lu Man knew that the matter between the two was finally settled.

Dong Yujie had made such a huge sacrifice, and Jiang Huaizhou was not someone to forget one's kindness.


This was pretty good.

When she walked over, Qu Xiangqian and Madam Qu also turned their heads to see who it was.

When the two turned around, Qu Mengyu also saw Lu Man.

Dong Yujie and the others also saw.Lu Man was different from the young famous ladies of the other families. As an actress, her exposure was huge.

So when people met her, they would immediately recognize her.

Knowing her meant that they knew Han Zhuoli, too, knowing that she was Mrs. Han.

The expressions of Qu Xiangqian and the others changed.

However, Lu Man heard them talking about Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Man smiled coldly. "I heard someone mentioning my biological father, what's going on?"

Qu Mengyu also remembered the relationship between Lu Qiyuan and Lu Man.

And she remembered that Lu Man and Lu Qiyuan were like water and fire, just like enemies.

Then Lu Man would definitely not go easy on Lu Qiyuan's mistress.

Qu Mengyu pondered in her heart and said to Lu Man, "Madam Han, you're not unfamiliar with this person, right?"

Qu Mengyu backed off to let Lu Man see Dong Yujie clearly.

"Of course I am." Lu Man smiled and walked up to Dong Yujie. She suddenly smiled sincerely. "When did you come back? Why didn't you tell me?"

Qu Mengyu was stunned.

Looking at Lu Man's reaction, they looked like they had bad blood between each otherDong Yujie.

And it seemed like they were close as well.

"I just came back a few days ago," said Dong Yujie, embarrassed.

She did not expect to be still treated as a friend by Lu Man after meeting Lu Man again.

Lu Man's attitude toward her had not changed a single bit.

"Oh, right, I got married," said Dong Yujie, smiling at Lu Man, "We just got our marriage certificates today."

Lu Man glanced at Jiang Huaizhou and realized it. "You came to celebrate tonight?"

"Mhmm. We came here to eat with Mom and Dad, then celebrate Mother's Day together," explained Dong Yujie.

"We also came to celebrate it," said Lu Man, "Can't talk too much now, I'll visit you another day, then we can talk more."

"Okay." Dong Yujie nodded. "You're busy with business, but you still have time to take care of kids. I'm still very free, so come and visit me any time when you're free."

"Okay. Oh, right, do you plan to be a housewife, or do you still want to look for a job?" asked Lu Man."I still want to work," said Dong Yujie, then she turned around to look at Jiang Huaizhou.

Jiang Huaizhou smiled and said, "Why are you looking at me? Just do what you want. If you want to be a housewife, I will take care of you. You can have fun and spend money in whatever way you want. If you want to find a job, then go find a job, as long as you like it."

"I don't want to be disconnected from society, so I still want to do something," said Dong Yujie to Lu Man.

"Then it's just nice. I want to set up my own studio, if you're interested, come help me," said Lu Man, smiling, "You don't need to rush to give me an answer. Go back and think about it. There are a few positions that suit you there, I'll let you have a look later. If you think it's alright, then let's discuss it in detail."

"Of course, if you don't want to work in my studio, it's fine too. Decline all you want," Lu Man added with a smile.

"Okay, then tell me the positions that suit me later. I will think about whether I am capable of doing them or not. I know you trust me, but I can't let you make a loss," said Dong Yujie.

Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Dong were also very surprised. They did not expect Dong Yujie to be this close to Lu Man.

Lu Man and her chatted as though there was nobody around; they did not care about Qu Mengyu at all.

After talking quite a bit with Dong Yujie, she turned around and remembered that Qu Mengyu was still here.

Lu Man stopped smiling and said coldly, "I think you misunderstood. Yujie is my friend."

"Everyone knows about my terrible relationship with my biological father. Would I be friends with my biological father's mistress?"

"You're just accusing people like this, but your parents didn't even stop you." Lu Man took a glance at Qu Xiangqian and his wife. "Very interesting."

Qu Xiangqian shivered.

Their family did not have any possibility to do business with the Han Corporation.

After all, their fields were different.

However, it was possible with the other families of the eight great families.

Of course, the eight great families would not even care about the Qu Family because of their small size.

Their business partners had the skills to do business with the eight great families.

A small company like theirs could not even catch the opportunity, even if there was one.

However, it did not stop Qu Xiangqian from being greedy. He did not care if he could catch it.

He had to try if there was an opportunity.

He did not feel like he was daydreaming at all.

Now, Lu Man clearly had a bad opinion of their family. How could Qu Xiangqian not be anxious?

Then, Lu Man continued, "This is related to a woman's reputation. You recklessly destroyed a person's reputation like this. Your heart is evil."

Lu Man asked Jiang Huaizhou, "What's wrong with her?"

Without saying anything, Lu Man could guess that it was a problem caused by Jiang Huaizhou.

"Not his fault," said Dong Yujie immediately.

She roughly explained the situation.

Lu Man heard that Jiang Huaizhou even abandoned the business deal to get rid of Qu Mengyu.