Chapter 5882  , The Simple Giant Spirit Gods

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The Human Race Army regrouped at their temporary camp three days away from the No-Return Pass. After this battle, the Humans would be unable to launch another full assault on the No-Return Pass within a short time.

The wounded soldiers needed time to heal, not to mention that the logistics were also unable to keep up with the intense consumption.

A large number of damaged Warships needed to be repaired, Evil Purging Divine Spears needed to be replenished, and the Purifying Black Ink Pills had to be refined.


All of this required a lot of resources, so although there were currently three million Third-Order and below cultivators mining supplies in the vast Black Ink Battlefield, it would always take some time to accumulate enough.

A conservative estimate was that for the next two to three years, they would not have the ability to attack the No-Return Pass again.

The Black Ink Clan, even though they had found out that the Humans had set up camp just days away, did not dare to harbour any aggressive thoughts. When the entire Human Race Army withdrew, the Black Ink Clan could still chase after them in order to thin their numbers; however, now that they had settled down and regrouped, it was not wise to disturb them again.

Thus, although the Humans were not far from the No-Return Pass, the two sides co-existed for a long period without much conflict.

One month after the battle, at a certain place in the Barren Territory, Ah Da and Ah Er sat facing each other, looking down helplessly at the space in front of them.

In their field of vision, a figure covered in blood was sleeping quietly. The blood had already congealed and stained the clothes.


The figure slept on his side, suspended in the void as if there was an invisible bed underneath.

Such a figure was small as an ant when compared with the towering Giant Spirit Gods.

This figure was none other than Yang Kai, who entered this place from the No-Return Pass. At the last moment, he used the power of his Space-Time River to block the fierce attacks of the two Royal Lords and dozens of Pseudo-Royal Lords. The impacts were so violent that his own Dao Strengths were severely impacted and his vitality plunged to the point he became delirious. He passed out soon after entering the Barren Territory.

He would not have been able to sleep so peacefully for so long if not for Ah Da and Ah Er watching over him. With their protection, Yang Kai felt safe enough to recuperate in peace.

However, his condition caused the two Giant Spirit Gods to worry about him.

After staring at the tiny figure in front of him for a long time, Ah Da suddenly wailed, “Dead!” Ah Da had said this so many times that Ah Er was so frustrated, but he still patiently explained, “Not dead! Asleep…”


Ah Da suddenly remarked, “Oh… ate till he was full.”

He had always maintained a routine of napping when he was full and looking for food when he woke up; therefore, he expected that all the living creatures should be the same as him. Since Yang Kai was asleep, he must have eaten enough and was now taking a nap.

When this topic was brought up, Ah Da reached out, rubbed his belly, and grumbled, “I’m hungry…”

Ah Er also instinctively echoed, “En!”

The two Giant Spirit Gods looked at each other gloomily.

At that moment, the sleeping Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and sat up slowly. He appeared dazed, drowsy, and stiff for a while before yawning. He stretched his back and mumbled, “That was a good nap!”

It had been ages since he was able to sleep so comfortably. Since his strength became so much stronger, he almost did not need to sleep normally to recover his energy. Now, he took advantage of his wounds and the protection of the Giant Spirit Gods to sleep peacefully and allow his body to heal. Waking up, he immediately felt mighty as a Dragon and fierce as a Tiger. His revitalized energy coursed through his veins and he could not wait to barge into the No-Return Pass and beat those two bastards to a pulp, but then, a huge face suddenly filled his entire vision and thundered, “Are you… hungry?”

The void shook under the thunderous but clearly concerned voice. Yang Kai was nearly blown away by the force of the wind that resulted from the Giant Spirit God’s breath, but he quickly stabilized himself, looked up at the humongous bald head, and knew immediately that it was Ah Da.

Yang Kai chuckled, raised his hand, and waved his hand, “You’re talking about yourself, right? Okay, okay, I know. Back up a little bit, I haven’t forgotten what I promised you the last time!”

When he left the Barren Territory some 20 years ago, he instructed Ah Da and Ah Er to guard the Territory Gate and smash anyone who dared to cross the Territory Gate. He promised them that if they did that, he would bring them food the next time he came.

The two Giant Spirit Gods had done a good job over the years, and it was because of their deterrence that the Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods of the Black Ink Clan did not dare to join in the battle a month ago. Yang Kai naturally had to fulfil his promise to them.

Yang Kai raised his hand and flipped it over, and an orb appeared on his palm. He said childishly, “Look, at this. Do you know what it is?”

Ah Da and Ah Er’s eyes were immediately attracted by the orb. They could smell the delicious fragrance that emanated from the orb and knew that this was their food; however, what puzzled them was that this food was not quite the same as what they would eat previously. So, even though their stomachs were rumbling, they resisted the urge to feast.

Yang Kai laughed at the look of the two Giant Spirit Gods before throwing out the World Bead from his hand without further delay.

The little World Bead flew into the void, and as it fell, Space Principles flared, allowing the tiny sphere to rapidly expand. Just a few moments later, it became a complete Universe World.

The volume of this Universe World was just as big as the Star Boundary; however, its surface was full of large pits and there were a number of dark tunnels leading to its interior. These were obviously traces left behind by the mining of resources.

The valuable resources had all been extracted from this Universe World, and since World Principles was collapsed, it was considered as a dead Universe World, which suited Giant Spirit God’s appetite.

Now that the 3,000 Worlds had basically been hollowed out, it was not easy to find such a Universe World. However, since Yang Kai promised Ah Da and Ah Er to bring them good food, he had to keep to his word.

Fortunately, in the 3,000 Worlds, there was still Myriad Monsters Territory, which was the Great Territory adjacent to High Heaven Territory. Myriad Monsters Territory and High Heaven Territory had become the last two Pure Lands of the Human Race.

Yang Kai found this Universe World in Myriad Monsters Territory, refined it into a World Bead, and brought it to this place before restoring it to its original size using his Space Secret Techniques.

Such tasks were easily done by Yang Kai nowadays. After seeing the delicious Universe World, the two Giant Spirit Gods immediately jumped up and down in joy and ran over to it.

The Giant Spirit Gods bodies were massive, even when compared to such a Universe World. So, they each sat on opposite ends and began reaching out to grab large chunks of it and shoving them into their mouths before crunching it with their massive teeth.

This was the first time Yang Kai watched the Giant Spirit Gods eating in such close proximity, and even though he had seen many things in his life, this was still an amazing sight to behold.

It had been very puzzling to him that the Giant Spirit Gods only eat this kind of dead Universe World. How could such a huge body with terrifying strength be nourished by this? The Universe was indeed filled with profound mysteries that were difficult to understand.

The two Giant Spirit Gods were eating with one hand and grabbing with the other, both smiling happily at Yang Kai.

When Ah Da realized that Yang Kai was staring at them, he handed over a Universe Fragment and said, “Friend, let’s all eat together!”

Yang Kai froze for a moment, then realized what he meant by ‘Friend’.

Ah Da had always called him ‘little one’ or even ‘little ant’, but since he had brought them such good food, he now became their ‘Friend’.

Since Ah Da offered so generously, Yang Kai took the Universe Fragment into his Small Universe, fearing that it would upset him if he refused.

Ah Da saw this and smiled from ear to ear…

It was a pity that there were so few Giant Spirit Gods now. If there were more than two, perhaps eight or 10, they could have easily retaken the No-Return Pass. All Yang Kai would need to do is lead a Squad of them to get the job done.

Casting such fanciful thoughts aside, Yang Kai turned his head and looked at the Territory Gate. Through the Void Turbulence, Yang Kai could still vaguely see the situation in the No-Return Pass.

After the last battle, the No-Return Pass was obviously more closely guarded, especially the area around the Territory Gate. A powerful figure stood openly, clearly telling Yang Kai that if he dared to venture across, he would be immediately beaten.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, took off his blood-stained clothes, summoned some water from his Small Universe, and washed himself. He then changed into a new set of robes.

Although he had been in a deep sleep, he was extremely sensitive to the passage of time and knew clearly that it was only one month since the last battle.

He estimated that the Black Ink Clan lost at least 20 Pseudo-Royal Lords with even more seriously wounded. It was very troublesome for such Masters to heal, so it would be a long time before they could fully recover.

However, the Humans also needed to recuperate and accumulate supplies for the next battle. Everything took time.

Therefore, although Yang Kai could not get in touch with Mi Jing Lun, according to what they had planned, the next attack on the No-Return Pass would be at least two years later.

Two years was neither long nor short. It was just enough time for Yang Kai to deal with some things.

He had an idea in mind, and it was time to act.

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