Chapter 5883  , Out of Control Small Stone Race

Yang Kai was slightly taken aback, looking at Ah Da and Ah Er. The Universe World had been completely devoured by the two Giant Spiritual Gods in just a short time. When they noticed Yang Kai looking at them, they immediately looked at him eagerly; obviously, the two had not had their fill yet.

Yang Kai immediately stated, “Wait here, I’ll go find you something to eat now. Just like before, keep a close eye on this place. If anyone dares to come out from the other side of the door, beat them to death!”

The two Giant Spiritual Gods nodded their acknowledgment.


Yang Kai had used his actions to prove that he wasn’t someone who goes back on his word. Compared to the promise he made last time, this time, Ah Da and Ah Er naturally looked forward to it with great expectations.

After confirming that the two Giant Spiritual Gods understood his intentions, Yang Kai manipulated Space Principles and rushed towards the Territory Gate connected to the Shattered Heaven.

A moment later, he arrived at the Territory Gate and entered.

The injuries Yang Kai had sustained in the battle a month ago weren’t light, but they weren’t too serious either. After a month of sleep, his physical body had basically fully recovered. The instability in his Dao Strengths wasn’t something that could be so easily resolved, but as long as he didn’t overexert his Dao Strength, it wouldn’t affect him much.

The current Human Race could be said to have mobilized all of their forces to war. Disregarding the many Great Territories that had already become empty shells, even High Heaven Territory and Myriad Monsters Territory only had a few old, weak, and disabled people left behind, as well as some rising stars who had yet to fully mature. They had been born too late, so no matter how outstanding their aptitude was, they had yet to reach the Open Heaven Realm. As such, they weren’t even qualified to join the logistics team to gather resources.

Under such circumstances, Yang Kai’s goal for returning to the 3,000 Worlds from the Shattered Heaven was naturally not High Heaven Territory or Myriad Monsters Territory.


His destination was elsewhere.

Traversing through many Great Territories at his leisure, Yang Kai finally arrived at his destination after nearly three months.

Chaotic Dead Territory!

In fact, when the upper echelons of the Human Race decided to attack the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai had wanted to make a trip to Chaotic Dead Territory first. In the past, he had brought Zhang Ruo Xi here to cultivate with Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan. So many years had already gone by, even he had no idea what the results would be.

Because of her Heavens Order Bloodline, Zhang Ruo Xi was not affected by the Open Heaven Realm Method’s shackles. Even though she had initially broken through to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, she still had a chance of reaching the Ninth-Order all on her own. As proof, she had smoothly made it to the Eighth Order many years ago. Of course, the amount of time that passed shouldn’t have been enough for her to reach the Ninth Order; be that as it may, what Yang Kai valued was not her cultivation, but her amazing ability to control the Small Stone Race.

Zhang Ruo Xi was able to fully control them. Those from this race had intelligence that was even inferior to the Giant Spiritual God’s. It was horribly low, so low that they only acted based on their instincts. Basically, no one could completely control them.


However, the Small Stone Race raised by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had become a special variation.

These Small Stone Race members were divided into two types, the Great Sun Small Stone Race and the Great Moon Small Stone Race. Because they had grown up absorbing the pure power of Yang and Yin, respectively, they could almost be regarded as living, mobile Yellow and Blue Crystals.

All the Divine Spirits with the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks were capable of controlling these Small Stone Race members that had been reared using this special method. At critical moments, they could even extract the Yin and Yang Energy from their bodies and fuse them into Purifying Light. Yang Kai had used this method many times to kill Masters from the Black Ink Clan.

Compared to Yang Kai and the other Divine Spirits who used the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks to control them though, Zhang Ruo Xi completely relied on the suppression of her Bloodline to do the same, and was actually able to exert a vastly superior level of control akin to moving her arms and legs. She had no need for the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks.

She was even able to have Small Stone Race members form higher-order Nine Palaces Formations. Yang Kai had witnessed her do this up until a Fourth-Order Nine Palaces Formation comprised of over 6,000 Small Stone Race Soldiers.

Even for the Human Race, forming a Nine Palaces Formation was not an easy task, especially at higher Orders. Hardly anyone could even form the Eight Trigrams Formation while no one had ever witnessed a Nine Palaces Formation of Eighth-Order Masters.

However, in previous battles, eight Eighth-Order Masters had successfully formed the Eight Trigrams Formation and used it to kill Pseudo-Royal Lords. Of course, during such battles, it was inevitable that some if not all of the Eighth-Order Masters involved would die from the backlash of using such a Battle Formation while those who managed to survive had their foundations severely damaged.

Even so, given that it had such might, all Eighth-Order Masters wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives so long as they could kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord from the Black Ink Clan. Unfortunately, successfully forming this Battle Formation was not always possible, even if the Masters attempting it were willing to make such a sacrifice.

If an Eight Trigrams Formation formed by Eighth-Order Masters could kill a Pseudo-Royal Lord, then what about the Nine Palaces Formation? It was probably strong enough to kill a Royal Lord!

Unfortunately, no Eighth-Order Masters could achieve this.

By comparison, Zhang Ruo Xi’s ability was simply shocking. It could be said that even if she was only an Eighth-Order Master, the role she could play on the battlefield would not be inferior to any Ninth-Order Master!

Unfortunately, Yang Kai was unable to find any free time after returning from the edge of the Universe so he was unable to visit Chaotic Dead Territory until now.

Yang Kai was quite looking forward to Zhang Ruo Xi’s growth. If everything went smoothly, he was prepared to take her to the battlefield where she could finally show her marvelous ability. This way, it would be easier for the Human Race to retake the No-Return Pass and they would suffer lesser casualties.

On top of that, he also wanted to ask Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan for some more Yellow and Blue Crystals. The Human Race’s current supplies were severely depleted, but the pure Yin and Yang Element materials were indispensable to the war effort.

After passing through the Territory Gate, Yang Kai stepped into Chaotic Dead Territory after a very long time, but the next moment, he was slightly taken aback.

The sight before him was different from the last time he had come to Chaotic Dead Territory. This time, the very first thing he saw was two armies of innumerable Small Stone Race members locked in a heated confrontation in the void.

Looking around, Yang Kai saw that the size of these two Small Stone Race Armies was not small, each totalling at least a million members. What surprised Yang Kai wasn’t their numbers though. The Small Stone Race was found in a remote Universe World in Myriad Monsters Territory. Their living habits were quite similar to that of ants with an ant queen-like existence in each colony. As long as they had enough resources, they could constantly reproduce, so in terms of numbers, each Small Stone Race colony could easily reach an astonishing size. Yang Kai was also rearing a large number of Small Stone Race members in his Small Universe, but he always prevented the reproduction of these Small Stone Race from getting out of control; otherwise, the entire Void World would become a Small Stone Race World in no time. At that point, there would be no place for the Human Race to stand.

Strictly speaking, the conflict between two million strong Armies was just a small-scale battle for the Small Stone Race.

What surprised Yang Kai was the fact that these two sides were fighting each other at all.

It was true that when Yang Kai handed over the Small Stone Race to Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan, it was to allow them to use this method to determine who was the Elder Sibling. It could be said that the reason for the Great Sun Small Stone Race and the Great Moon Small Stone Race’s existence was to fight each other.

But that was only the initial situation.

Since the Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3,000 Worlds, the two Supreme Masters of Chaotic Dead Territory had stopped playing such silly games and instead focused on raising more Small Stone Race Soldiers to give their ‘Little Brother’ Yang Kai to assist in the war.

Yang Kai had looted Yellow Crystals, Blue Crystals, and even the Small Stone Race Armies from them several times. Although these two complained a lot about his open banditry, they had never let Yang Kai return empty-handed. Every time Yang Kai came to ask for their help, he would always reap a bountiful harvest.

The relationship between Yang Kai and the two of them was similar to that of a prodigal son who indulges in debauchery and parents who painstakingly accumulates their family’s wealth. Every time they built up a little savings, Yang Kai would come over and take it away before squandering it all.

But they were willing to do so because they also didn’t want to see the Black Ink Clan rule the Universe. Despite their astonishing strength and ability, they were unable to provide direct assistance in this war between the Human Race and Black Ink Clan where one side was destined to be completely annihilated. The Small Stone Race was the only thing they could offer in terms of combat power.

Thus, the Small Stone Races in Chaotic Dead Territory had stopped fighting each other a long time ago.

The last two times Yang Kai had come here, he had not seen any scenes of conflict, so the scene in front of him was quite shocking.

There weren’t any powerful Masters among the two Small Stone Race Armies, but the battlefield was extremely fierce. Yin and Yang were opposites to begin with, and once the Small Stone Race, which naturally fought amongst themselves, was bestowed with the Yin and Yang Elements, this kind of opposition became particularly prominent.

On the battlefield, the two branches of the Small Stone Race clashed with each other, fighting without any semblance of order. One by one, Small Stone Race members were blown to smithereens. Although no blood was spilled and all the battles were fought on instinct, the intensity of the war was not inferior to any Yang Kai had witnessed before.

Yang Kai quietly observed for a moment before restraining his impulse to intervene.

Relying on the Great Sun and Great Moon Marks bestowed by Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, Yang Kai could easily separate these two Small Stone Race Armies, but because he didn’t know what Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s intentions were, he decided to let things be for now. If these two Supreme Beings of the Chaotic Dead Territory had some kind of special purpose for this battle, Yang Kai’s interference might disrupt their plans.

Bypassing these two warring Armies, Yang Kai flew deeper into Chaotic Dead Territory.

After an hour, Yang Kai’s expression became solemn.

Along the way, he saw many battlefields of varying size, each of which had a large number of Small Stone Race Soldiers locked in combat. The first battlefield he encountered wasn’t very large, and there weren’t many powerful members, but on the largest battlefield, he actually witnessed close to 10 million Small Stone Race Soldiers fighting with each other, with many colossal members that were equivalent to the Seventh-Order and Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.

This made Yang Kai immediately realize that something had gone wrong.