Chapter 5884  , Yin-Yang Rebellion

The entire Chaotic Dead Territory seemed to have been drawn into the battle between two Small Stone Races. Every once in a while, Yang Kai would run into a battle either in progress or already over.

[Something is obviously wrong. Even when Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan were keen on using the Small Stone Race to determine who was the Elder Sibling, they had never expanded the scale of the battle to this extent.]

This kind of scale could no longer be called a game, but a true war! The number participating in this conflict was no less than the combined total of the Human Race and Black Ink Clan!


What’s more, it had only been about 1,000 years since he last came here, so how could there be so many of them in the Chaotic Dead Territory?

Of course, theoretically speaking, it wouldn’t be surprising for the Small Stone Race to reach this population in 1,000 years with their outstanding reproductive ability as long as there were no restrictions and there were ample resources.

Except, this was Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan’s territory. They did not have any need to let the Small Stone Race reproduce to this number. Most of these Small Stone Race members were subpar. Their physique was extremely weak, making them even weaker than the Black Ink Clan cannon fodder whose only role was to send themselves to their deaths to spread Black Ink Strength.

In terms of a contest, it was better to nurture more Small Stone Race Masters rather than spend energy to produce many insignificant Small Stone Race Soldiers.

The scene here gave Yang Kai a sense of chaos, as if a massive number of Small Stone Race members had lost control, turning Chaotic Dead Territory’s name into a reality…

When this thought appeared, Yang Kai couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. Logically speaking, the Small Stone Race shouldn’t have gone out of control with Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan here, but everything he had seen indicated otherwise.


As he continued heading deeper into Chaotic Dead Territory, he saw more and more Small Stone Race members fighting each other.

At one point, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and stared ahead with a look of surprise.

Having reached his current cultivation, there weren’t many things that could surprise him. Even if he were to face the Black Ink Giant Spirit God right now, he would still remain perfectly calm, but the sight before him gave him a strange feeling…

He felt as if something had erupted in the depths of the void.

Three breaths later, a dazzling spot of light appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision. This point of light was undoubtedly far away, but because it was so bright, Yang Kai could see it clearly even from where he stood.

When it first appeared, this speck of light was only the size of a needle tip, but it spread out at an indescribable speed.


At the same time, extremely powerful energy fluctuations came with it.

Yang Kai could faintly hear a clear bird cry like that of a Phoenix…

The sounds of birds’ cries became clearer and clearer, and multiplied every moment. Soon, the dazzling light filled Yang Kai’s vision. When the light dissipated, what Yang Kai saw and heard left him dumbfounded.

Much to his surprise, countless strange existences of varying sizes had appeared in the void, resembling Phoenix, but a little different from those from the Phoenix Clan.

Yang Kai immediately recognized these strange existences.

He had seen these things the first time he came to Chaotic Dead Territory with Ah Da.

They weren’t living creatures, but rather masses of pure Yin and Yang Energies, the manifestation of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer’s power.

The orange-yellow creatures were the manifestation of energy leaking from Burning Light, while the blue-coloured ones were the Serene Glimmer’s power.

Yin and Yang were inherently opposites. When Yang Kai first came to the Chaotic Dead Territory, these unique existences of different colours were fighting against each other just like the Small Stone Race. The confrontation of these two pure opposing energies gave birth to large amounts of Yellow and Blue Crystals, which allowed Yang Kai to reap great benefits.

According to Burning Light and Serene Glimmer, they could not properly control their own strength once it was unleashed. So, from the day they were born, their powers had been constantly clashing with each other, and this was what Yang Kai was seeing right now.

It was also because of this that the two Supreme Masters of the Chaotic Dead Territory were unable to leave this place and help the Human Race. Once they left the Chaotic Dead Territory and entered another Great Territory, that Great Territory would become a part of the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Back then, Yang Kai had thought that if one day the Human Race really couldn’t hold on any longer, he would ask Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to descend the mountain and wreak havoc. No matter how much these two destroyed, it would still be better than allowing the Black Ink Clan to corrupt everything.

Of course, the situation had not yet reached such a critical level.

As existences whose strength wasn’t inferior to that of a Giant Spirit God, it was quite strange that these two couldn’t control their own strength.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai visited the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land and witnessed its complete history that this mystery was finally solved.

It turned out the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer were incomplete existences. They had been separated from the Primordial Light, so although they had great strength, they were unable to perfectly control it as they were lacking certain pieces of their foundation.

Even the Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan who Yang Kai interacted with were not their true forms, just avatars composed of their energy. From another point of view, they could be considered as manifestations of energy that they could control, so when Yang Kai came into contact with them, there was no danger.

Zhang Ruo Xi’s Heavens Order Bloodline was also incomplete. After the Primordial Light separated Yin and Yang from itself, it arrived at the Divine Spirit Ancestral Land where it dispersed itself and gave rise to many Divine Spirits. The final pure essence of the Primordial Light was what eventually became the Heavens Order Bloodline.

This was also the reason why the Heavens Order Bloodline was able to restrain all Divine Spirits and even allow Zhang Ruo Xi to easily control the Small Stone Race.

Yang Kai had noticed this point, which was why he had brought Zhang Ruo Xi to the Chaotic Dead Territory to meet Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan to cultivate.

However, the clash between the Yin and Yang energies of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer had reappeared for some unknown reason now.

If nothing unexpected happened, these manifestations that looked like Phoenixes were destined to battle each other to the death before transforming into Yellow and Blue Crystals…

However, the existence of the Small Stone Race interfered with this end result.

Yang Kai clearly saw that on a nearby battlefield, two Small Stone Race Armies happened to be engaged in a fierce battle, but the moment the Yin and Yang energies manifested, they all abandoned their respective opponents and pounced towards the Yin and Yang creatures. The Small Stone Race had been raised by Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan using their own strength, so the Yin and Yang Energies naturally had a fatal attraction to them.

Under normal circumstances, an ordinary Small Stone Race Clansmen was very small, only reaching an adult Human’s thigh in height, but they seemed to grow bigger and bigger as their strength increased. Be that as it may, they were still no bigger than ordinary Humans before Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Land began feeding them with their pure Yin and Yang Energies.

In the blink of an eye, the countless manifestations of Yin and Yang Energies were surrounded by the Small Stone Race, and even more Small Stone Race members continued rushing over from afar to devour them. This scene resembled a swarm of ants covering a sweet and delicious meat bun…

This was just the scenes Yang Kai could see, but considering how massive the pulse of light from before was, similar scenes must be happening all over the Chaotic Dead Territory, out of Yang Kai’s sight.

Although the manifestations of Yin and Yang Energies were essentially pieces of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer and took the form of various Monster Beasts and creatures, they were not alive. As such, even though they were being devoured by countless Small Stone Race members, they didn’t utter a single wail or even struggled to break free, because the Small Stone Race members that were devouring them were just like them in terms of Yin and Yang attributes.

The Great Sun Small Stone Race devoured the Yang Energy creatures, while the Great Moon Small Stone Race devoured those made of Yin Energy…

Yang Kai clearly saw a Small Stone Race member in a certain location, who was originally equivalent to a peak Seventh-Order Master, suddenly started radiating a yellow halo after devouring a large amount of Yang Energy. Immediately after, its body, which was already larger than the other Small Stone Race members, began growing rapidly as its aura reached something equivalent to an Eighth-Order Master!

All the Small Stone Race members who were ingesting Yin and Yang Energies saw varying degrees of improvement.

Yang Kai finally understood how this Chaotic Dead Territory had so many Small Stone Race members now.

To the Small Stone Race, the energy dispersing from Burning Light and Serene Glimmer was a great blessing. With such a massive amount of energy to use as food, the Small Stone Race’s reproduction was naturally smooth, and after many years of accumulation, it wasn’t surprising for them to have reached such a massive number.

The source of all this seemed to be deep in the distant void.

Yang Kai turned his head to look in the direction where the explosion of light originated from. If he wasn’t mistaken, the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer were there, because their energy was dispersing from that direction.

[What happened in the Chaotic Dead Territory over the past 1,000 years? What are Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan up to? What about Ruo Xi?]

Suppressing the many doubts in his heart, Yang Kai took a step forward and manipulated Space Principles, dashing off towards the distant void to investigate.

With a clear goal in mind, Yang Kai sped up and arrived at his destination after an incense stick worth of time.

When he saw what was happening from afar, a furrow appeared on Yang Kai’s brow. To his confusion, a giant oval-shaped object that looked like a condensed mist was occupying a vast amount of space. At first glance, it gave the impression of an egg…

Through the thick fog, Yang Kai vaguely saw a familiar figure. It was none other than Zhang Ruo Xi, whom he had sent to this place many years ago.

At this moment, Zhang Ruo Xi seemed to be sleeping in this ‘egg’, her small figure curled up into a ball. The fog made it impossible for Yang Kai to see her expression, but judging by her sleeping posture, it seemed like she was resting peacefully.

[What is this?] Yang Kai frowned.

Zhang Ruo Xi was here, but what about Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan?

Looking around carefully, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly jumped.

The mist that had condensed into the shape of an egg was obviously filled with extremely rich and terrifying Yin and Yang Energies. Also, two other blurry figures could be vaguely seen drifting through the mist. The Yin and Yang Energies that were basically poles apart actually seemed to be merging together in this strange place.

Yang Kai’s brow slightly rose as he faintly understood what was going on, but this only made him happier rather than shocked. If he was right about what was happening, then the benefits Zhang Ruo Xi would obtain this time would not be small.

The Burning Light and Serene Glimmer were incomplete existence, while Zhang Ruo Xi’s Heavens Order Bloodline was also incomplete, but her bloodline was the primary component of the Primordial Light which, in theory, should allow the opposing pure Yin and Yang Energies to achieve a balance.

Thinking of this, the strange scene in front of him could be explained.

Just as Yang Kai was about to get closer to investigate, a sudden change occurred. A figure suddenly rushed out from the fog and charged straight at Yang Kai.

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