Chapter 2819: True God Guard  


Lu Yin felt as though he had just struck an immovable object, and it felt as though his arm was about to shatter. He was forced back, just like Mu Ke.

There was no time to consider what had happened, so Lu Yin immediately pulled out the slipper and swung it.

With a snap, the slipper attacked. Lu Yin could see that it caused the sequence particles to ripple, which made Corpse God wary. He pulled his arm back.

Both Lu Yin and Mu Ke had been forced back, and they both spat out blood.

This was terrifying, but it was the power of Corpse God’s punch.


While Mu Ke's saber was truly powerful, he was not able to endure Corpse God’s punch if his blade missed.

Corpse God stared at Lu Yin. "Hand me your cosmic ring."

As he spoke, the Skygod’s hand fell again, covered with a rising number of sequence particles. This attack was even more overwhelming than the last punch.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth. What a monstrous opponent.

"Pull back." Mu Ke pulled Lu Yin backwards, then spun around and stabbed at Corpse God.

Xu Wuwei, Mr. Daheng, Bureau Director Gan, and the other peak powerhouses all attacked Corpse God at the same time, enduring the incoming attacks of the Progenitor-level corpse kings. Corpse God was the greatest threat, and if he was allowed to roam free, he would kill everyone, one by one.


Lu Yin gasped.

How much time had passed since True God Wei Yi first appeared? Already, Lu Yin had almost died twice. Forgotten Ruins God had been absolutely right; this was indeed the highest stage. Lu Yin’s various abilities and tools, such as the Investiture of the Gods and the slipper, barely allowed him to stand on the same level as a peak powerhouse. However, he was still a very, very long way away from being able to truly participate at this level. He had a very long way to go still.

"Something’s not right." Despite Mu ke’s blindfold, he seemed fully capable of seeing.

Lu Yin let out a long breath. "You are my senior disciple brother, aren’t you?"

Mu Ke frowned. "The True God Guard is here, but their captains are not."

Lu Yin was very confused.


Battles had erupted in every direction. The fights that involved Lord Xu, Great Elder Shan Gu, and other peak powerhouses all involved sequence particles. And right in front of Lu Yin, a large number of peak powerhouses were attacking Corpse God, only for all of them to still be overpowered by the lone Aeternal.

"Senior Brother, Senior Xu Wuwei and the others aren’t able to hold on any longer," Lu Yin said.

Xu Wuwei had also reached the level of controlling sequence particles, but his mastery was far inferior to Corpse God’s. His Spiral Domain was completely unable to hurt Corpse God at all.

He finally understood why Xu Wuwei had been so reluctant to go to the Endless Frontier. It was possible that even Xu Wuwei might not be able to survive a confrontation against one of the Seven Skygods. If not for the tea ceremony suddenly being attacked, the Void Suprema might have fled long ago.

Mu Ke clenched the hilt of his saber. "Observe the battlefield and think about how to alter the balance. There is a meaning for everyone’s existence, and there is a purpose for every battle.

"This massive battle was launched too abruptly, and if the captains of the True God Guard are not here, then something must be wrong."

Lu Yin suppressed his first impulses. "What is the True God Guard?"

Mu Ke slowly lifted his saber, looking as though he was contemplating where to strike. "Ten corpse kings form a team, while a hundred corpse kings form a full battalion. This is the True God Guard. There’s a captain for every ten corpse kings. They are able to fight at my level with the help of divine energy, making them second only to the Seven Skygods. However, while the True God Guard is here, none of its captains are. That is a problem, and this may not be the only place that has been attacked at this moment." As soon as he finished speaking, Mu Ke disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already behind Corpse God, unleashing a direct attack.

Corpse God bent his left arm and slammed it down with an incredible amount of force. His flesh was sliced away, revealing his bones, but Mu Ke’s blade also shattered during the attack.

Lu Yin stood where he was, dazed. Forgotten Ruins God’s words kept echoing in his mind. “What of it? You’ve lost your stage!”

You’ve lost your stage!

You’ve lost your stage!

Lu Yin felt increasingly uneasy. Suddenly, he noticed that someone was staring at him. He instinctively turned to look and found that it was Sovereign Shao Yin.

The man was fighting against a Progenitor-level corpse king, and yet his eyes were fixed on Lu Yin.

At this moment, Lu Yin did not see determination in the Sovereign’s eyes, nor focus on the battle at hand, but rather ridicule and pride. What was Sovereign Shao Yin so proud of at this time?

Sovereign Shao Yin had not expected Lu Yin to have the ability to pay attention to him during the battle, so he sneered as he continued to fight against the corpse king.

Lu Yin continued to stare at Sovereign Shao Yin, even as Forgotten Ruins God’s words echoed in his mind. Additionally, some of the information regarding the Lu family’s exile that Xia Shenji’s clone had revealed to him when he replaced the main body occurred to Lu Yin.

Wang Fan had used Wang Si to instigate the four ruling powers into banishing the Lu family, while at the same time, Sovereign Shao Yin had made a terrible mistake. To compensate for that error, the Sovereign had suggested to the Great Sovereign that the Lu family be forced to take responsibility for the ancient Heavens Sect’s crimes.

Both of the two had taken action at almost precisely the same time.

After that, the four ruling powers had cooperated with the Great Sovereign to exile the Lu family by force.

Even if Wang Fan insisted that he had no connection to Sovereign Shao Yin, Lu Yin would never believe it in a million years.

In a sense, the two men were solely responsible for the Lu family’s exile. Without either one of the two, the scheme would have never worked.

Without the four ruling powers, in order for the Great Sovereign to banish the Lu family, she would have had to wage a war against the entire Origin Universe. The Lu family could have then awakened Ancestor Lu Yuan, which would have been enough to stop the Sixverse Association’s efforts.

Without the Great Sovereign, the ruling powers would have never been able to block off Ancestor Lu Yuan. Without that ancient powerhouse’s perception being blocked, not even the Python Ancestor moving would have been guaranteed to banish the Lu family.

Both parts were completely indispensable, and it was only the perfect combination of the two that had led to the Lu family’s exile.

In that case, just what was the motivation behind the Lu family’s exile?

The jealousy of the four ruling powers? Sovereign Shao Yin hoping to compensate for his mistakes? That was too simple to be believed.

As soon as Lu Yin heard the story from Xia Shenji, he had postulated a wild suspicion that either Sovereign Shao Yin or Wang Fan might be a spy, possibly even both. After all, the Lu family’s exile benefited Aeternus more than anyone else. Only after that could the benefits reaped by Sovereign Shao Yin and the four ruling powers be considered.

After forming his suspicion, Lu Yin had ordered people to investigate the Cyclic Universe so that he could learn as much about Sovereign Shao Yin as possible.

After becoming a peak powerhouse, Sovereign Shao Yin had occasionally made mistakes, some of which had infuriated the Great Sovereign. However, the Sovereign had also managed to make amends for each mistake, all of which was predicated on the idea of harming others, such as the Lu family or the Lost Clan. This was a major reason why Sovereign Shao Yin was almost universally despised by the entire Sixverse Association.

However, if the man was actually a spy, then everything fit together surprisingly well.

It would only make sense for a spy to help Aeternus at critical moments and cause humanity to suffer losses. It was also very reasonable for a spy to instigate a war between the Cyclic Universe and the Lost Clan, as well as to exile the Lu family. No matter how Lu Yin considered the matter, Sovereign Shao Yin being a spy only made sense.

If Sovereign Shao Yin was a spy, did he actually know that Xuan Qi was Lu Yin?

Lu Yin stared intently at the Sovereign. All of the nearby battles seemed to be cut off from Lu Yin. He could not even hear anything as he focused solely on Sovereign Shao Yin.

Could the man have known that Xuan Qi was Lu Yin? If the Sovereign was a spy, there was no way he would not have known. However, if that were true, then why had the entire scheme been carried out at the tea ceremony? That had resulted in Bai Wangyuan, Wang Fan, and Xia Shenji being condemned to the Endless Frontier. For what purpose did that serve?

Lu Yin's expression suddenly changed as he once again remembered Forgotten Ruins God's words, and he thought of the Origin Universe. If Sovereign Shao Yin was indeed a spy, then framing Lu Yin as a spy would only serve to pull Bai Wangyuan and Wang Fan away from the Origin Universe. Humanity had lost two of the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas. Regardless of how things played out, the two would not be in the Origin Universe.

In that case, then the Origin Universe had to be facing a similarly brutal assault at this moment. That had to be Sovereign Shao Yin’s purpose. Aeternus was not actually targeting the Great Sovereign’s tea ceremony, but rather the Origin Universe. That was why Forgotten Ruins God had said that Lu Yin had lost his stage.

Lu Yin's scalp went numb. He wanted to immediately leave and return to the Origin Universe.

While everything was pure speculation, if it proved true, then how could the Origin Universe endure an assault from the Aeternals?

Before leaving for the tea ceremony, Lu Yin had left a few back-ups behind in the Heavens Sect as a precaution, but there was no way that those precautions were enough to stop Aeternus.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth. He had wanted to wait until he became a Semi-Progenitor and brought his Lu family back before forcing an investigation into Sovereign Shao Yin. This man was one of the Cyclic Universe’s Three Sovereigns, which placed him just below the Great Sovereign herself. Unfortunately, waiting meant that Lu Yin was already too late.

Sovereign Shao Yin turned his head to glance at Lu Yin again, and killing intent blazed in the Sovereign’s eyes. Could the brat have guessed the truth?


In the Origin Universe, a person stepped out in the Perennial World’s Higher Realm, just in front of the Celestial Frost Sect’s main gate. His slitted scarlet eyes looked at the gate for a moment before he struck out with a palm.

Aeternus was not able to invade the Origin Universe en masse, as they needed to first pass through the rear battlefield. However, their Progenitor-level experts were able to enter freely, as long as there was a coordinate seal.

In the past, the presence of Bai Wangyuan and the other Progenitors meant that the Aeternals had to avoid invading in this manner, but that was no longer an issue.

As the Progenitor-level corpse king’s palm fell, the Celestial Frost Sect’s gate shattered, and countless screams rang out within the sect.

Bai Qi raised her head and screamed, "Corpse king! A Progenitor-level corpse king-"

The corpse king looked down from high above, its arm raised high as it tore the void open. When another palm strike fell, the entire Celestial Frost Sect shook.

The clouds in the sky above the sect suddenly gathered and blocked the attack. A gentle white light tried to push the monster away.

More Progenitor-level corpse kings attacked Shenwu’s Sky, the Wang family, and Dragon Mountain.

Wang Jian stepped out of the Dominion Realm. He was another one of the Wang family’s Progenitors, and after Wang Fan’s shadow clone, Specter Progenitor, had been ordered to help protect the Sixverse Association, Wang Jian had been left behind. At this moment, he was the only remaining Progenitor in the Perennial World. The only other beings with that level of strength were the Divine Eagle and the Python Ancestor.

Dragon Mountain cracked. The Progenitor-level corpse king seemed to have entered a killing spree. It waved a hand, massacring all that it saw.

Long Ke roared as slitted scarlet eyes appeared in front of him. A moment later, his body was nothing but ash. Even at the moment of his death, the man had never considered that he would die to a corpse king on Dragon Mountain itself.

Long Tian's eyes blazed red as he charged at the Progenitor-level corpse king, only to be held back by Long Laogui. "Don't be reckless. That’s a Progenitor-level corpse king."

Grand Elder Ni Huang released his inner world, and a green dragon appeared, slamming into the corpse king. However, the jiao’s tail was ripped off by the corpse king, and it let out a miserable howl. Ni Huang regretted keeping his clan in the Higher Realm. They should have descended to the Lower Realm where they would have been under the Python Ancestor’s protection. Who would dare to attack the White Dragon Clan in such a situation? The man deeply regretted his decision!

Dragon Mountain looked like hell.

Right before everything was destroyed, Long Xi threw out Progenitor Long’s strange eye. "Grand Elder!"

Ni Huang stared blankly at the strange eye. What is this?

The corpse king tore at Ni Huang with its claws, and the man stopped hesitating. He opened his mouth to swallow the eye, and at the same time, he roared at the sky.

The entire Higher Realm of the Perennial World was being attacked by Progenitor-level corpse kings, but the Origin Universe’s true battlefield was in the Fifth Mainland, at the Heavens Sect.

At the exact same moment that True God Wei Yi attacked the Great Sovereign's tea ceremony, humanoid figures tore through the void to arrive just outside the Heavens Sect, brimming with a bloodthirst aura.

Mu Xie and the Heavens Sect’s Progenitors stepped out from the sect, looking ahead in shock at the sight of ten Progenitor-level corpse kings.

Arch-Elder Zen was stunned. "Where did so many of them come from?"

Cloudflow's face turned pale. He had fought against Aeternus before, and he struggled against even one Progenitor-level corpse king. Seeing ten such monsters was terrifying.

Leng Qing clenched the hilt of his saber, Master Shan took a deep breath, Chen Le gritted his teeth, and Monarch Xing grew incredibly solemn.