Chapter 2820: Requesting Reinforcements  

Seven Progenitors faced off against ten Progenitor-level corpse kings. This was clearly a numerical disadvantage, but people like Mu Xie and Leng Qing were capable of handling more than one opponent.

"Everyone, this is the moment of truth for our Heavens Sect. This is our battle to protect the Heavens Sect with our lives!" Arch-Elder Zen shouted.

"Stay in the Heavens Sect!

"No one beneath the Progenitor realm is allowed to come out!"

After that proclamation, the Heavens Sect’s seven Progenitors charged at the ten Progenitor-level corpse kings.

Unimaginable destructive power rumbled out in every direction.


Fortunately, the Heavens Sect blocked the power in one direction; otherwise, the destruction would have swept across the entire galaxy.

Within the Heavens Sect, the Progenitor of Bloodlines looked up. No one had expected ten of Aeternus’s Progenitor-level corpse kings to suddenly appear and attack them. Such an event had not even been considered.

Without their Dao Monarch, this battle would absolutely determine the Heavens Sect’s survival.

Lu Buzheng, Skymender, Cai Er, and the other Semi-Progenitors all watched. They were forbidden from participating in this battle of Progenitors, but they knew that they were powerful Realmbreakers who could threaten the average Progenitor.

Hen Xin, Destina, Yao Di, and several others all looked towards the Heavens Sect. They simply did not know if they should approach this battle or not.

In a very short amount of time, the Outerverse had been completely overturned.


Leng Qing’s blade flashed, wounding a corpse king. This monster possessed the physical strength of a Progenitor, but it did not truly possess the strength of a Progenitor. Such a creature was not a difficult opponent for Leng Qing. His blade attacked one of the corpse kings while he faced another with his body, not suffering a disadvantage against either opponent.

Arch-Elder Zen used his Tri-Yang Ancestral Qi Technique to summon Xue Wuqing and Progenitor Hui, both of whom easily fended off a corpse king on their own.

Mu Xie also overpowered two of the Progenitor-level corpse kings on his own. Many people were relieved at the sight. While the ten Progenitor-level corpse kings were undoubtedly very powerful, fortunately, they were not true Progenitors, and they lacked that level of strength. With time, the humans would eradicate all of the corpse kings.

Suddenly, shadows enveloped the area, and a massive thing squeezed out from the void and slammed against the Heavens Sect.

Leng Qing was startled, and countless blades rose up from below. This was the Celestial Blade World, and the endless blades stabbed into the massive form.

The Celestial Blade World was an extremely sharp attack, and anyone who entered Leng Qing’s Progenitor’s world had to overcome the threat of the blades lest they be skewered by endless blades.


This huge object had a shiny black surface. It stepped on the Celestial Blade and crashed against the Heavens Sect.

If Lu Yin were present, he would have instantly recognized it as the camphor bug. This was the same beast that had escaped from the Big Stone Universe on the Endless Frontier.

The camphor bug possessed an incredibly tough body, but Lu Yin had perfectly countered the creature by smashing its back with his slipper. If not for that, anyone else would struggle to overcome the creature’s absurd defenses.

When the camphor bug appeared and slammed into the Heavens Sect, not even Leng Qing could stop it.

However, at the last moment, Ancestor Tortoise retracted its head and limbs into its shell and slammed into the side of the camphor bug.

The two were about the same size, and Ancestor Tortoise forcefully bashed the bug away.

Countless people were stunned. No one had thought that Ancestor Tortoise could stand up to a beast with the strength of a Progenitor. This massive bug was even capable of shrugging off Leng Qing’s Celestial Blade World, so why had Ancestor Tortoise taken action against it?

On the back of Ancestor Tortoise, the entire Mavis family was completely shocked.

Heluo Mavis was clinging to the trunk of the Divine Tree. "Is Ancestor Tortoise really that powerful?"

There was no one in the Mavis family who could answer her. Ancestor Tortoise had been lured from the Lu family by the Mavis family. They had believed that the tortoise was as strong as a Semi-Progenitor, despite its absurd size. After all, Ancestor Tortoise had always acted scared of the jiao and been unwilling to even face the beast. Who could have anticipated that Ancestor Tortoise would reveal such an incredible amount of strength at this critical moment?

Lu Buzheng heaved a sigh of relief. He had heard from Lu Yin that Ancestor Tortoise was an odd creature. While it was usually bullied by the jiao, the jiao never tried to do anything more than intimidate the tortoise. This did not match the jiao’s aggressive personality, and it indicated that it could not actually do anything to Ancestor Tortoise. Ancestor Tortoise was far from weak. Actually, the only reason why Ancestor Tortoise was regarded as relatively weak was because the tortoise had been so scared of Corpse God that it had fled the battlefield.

However, who did not fear Corpse God? He was one of the Seven Skygods. Only recently had Lu Yin truly begun to understand the horror of the Seven Skygods.

Animals possessed a far more honed intuition than humans. It was perfectly normal for Ancestor Tortoise to be afraid of Corpse God.

The camphor bug was knocked aside. On its back, a man in pitch-black armor could be seen. The armor completely covered the man’s face, hands, and legs. He sat up and rubbed his head. "Who just hit me?"

Ancestor Tortoise's head had been pulled into its shell, and it warily stared at the stranger on the camphor bug's back. The tortoise sensed danger.

The stranger in the pitch black armor turned his head and looked at Ancestor Tortoise. He was briefly stunned, but then he quickly grew ecstatic. "Great, another pet! Child, did you hit me? That’s perfect! It was a love tap! It had to be a love tap. Just wait a bit, and big brother will show you some love soon!”

The moment the man finished speaking, the camphor bug turned around and slammed into Ancestor Tortoise.

The tortoise’s head pulled tighter into its shell as tighter as the camphor bug smashed against it.


The deafening noise hurt countless people’s ears.

Everyone watched on in horror as the two monstrous creatures filled the area. They smashed against each other with unstoppable force and horrifying crashes.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Leng Qing sighed. Two Progenitor-level corpse kings attacked him at once, one from the front, and the other from the back. The Progenitor’s eyes flashed, and his saber rose up to slash out. There was a hissing sound, and an arm was severed from the corpse king in front of Leng Qing.

The Progenitor-level corpse kings were unable to block Leng Qing's blade, even after using a Gray Eyes Corpse King Transformation that reinforced their strength ten times over.

Just as Leng Qing was about to lash out a second time, he swayed on his feet and almost dropped his weapon.

He was overcome with a strange feeling, and countless voices echoed in his mind. He felt as though he was about to lose consciousness.

The Progenitor’s eyes suddenly flared. He was the gatemaster of the ancient Heavens Sect’s Twelve Heavenly Gates. He was the first of his peers to become a Progenitor after the reestablishment of the Heavens Sect. How could he fall to a sneak attack? "Get out here!"

A man stepped out of the void in the distance and exclaimed, "Very few are able to resist my consciousness. You are very impressive."

Leng Qing stared at the man even while dodging the corpse kings’ relentless attacks. "Who are you?"

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am a captain of the True God Guard, the Chiliagonist."

The True God Guard? Leng Qing had never heard of them, though it was clear that this person was a very difficult opponent. Was he a corpse king?

Far away, Mu Xie had also encountered an oddity. His power had been torn apart by some unknown force. However, his power had not been actually torn apart, but rather strangely transformed into a flat surface, much like a sheet of paper. It was this paper-like form that had been torn apart.

The person who had attacked was a woman with long orange-red hair. She was wearing a form-fitting white outfit and white-orange boots. She slowly approached Mu Xie.

The man stared at the new arrival. "Another corpse king?"

The woman looked up, revealing solid orange eyes to Mu Xie. However, these eyes were clearly not the slitted scarlet eyes of a corpse king. "Captain of the True God Guard, Ju Ji. Please guide me."

Mu Xie was confused. "The True God Guard?"

Ju Ji raised a slender finger and pointed it at Mu Xie. "Planar Conversion."

As she spoke, a strange power swept over Mu Xie. His eyes flashed. This woman was not a simple opponent.

Along with the man clad in black armor who rode atop the camphor bug, three captains of the True God Guard had arrived.

In an instant, the balance of the battle shifted. These captains were strong enough to hold back Leng Qing, Mu Xie, and the other powerful individuals from the Heavens Sect on their own. Thus, the Progenitor-level corpse kings who had been fighting the Progenitors could now aim at the Heavens Sect.

The pressure brought on by the approach of four Progenitor-level corpse kings terrified many of the people in the Heavens Sect.

Beside the cauldron, He Ran was terrified. How could this happen? She had thought that she was in a safe place and that the only thing she needed to deal with was Xuan Qi. Why had the Heavens Sect suddenly become a battlefield? One, two, three, four, five... How many peak powerhouses are attacking?

He Ran had visited the battlefield at the border of the Transcendent Universe before, but at most, only two of the enemy’s peak powerhouses had ever appeared. This, on the other hand...

The woman was utterly stunned. She had never witnessed such a chaotic battle before.

There had to be more than twenty peak powerhouses engaged in a massive brawl. This was more intense than even the worst battlefield on the Endless Frontier.

Had the Origin Universe become a part of the Endless Frontier? Was He Ran suddenly on the frontlines of the war between the Sixverse Association and Aeternus?

Lu Buzheng let out a long breath. It was their turn to take action. They were Realmbreakers who could challenge Progenitors. This was something that each of the Twelve Heavenly Gatemasters was capable of doing.

However, there were too many opponents, and Hen Xin, Destina, and others were not present.

"We'll handle two of them, which leaves the other two to you. Do your best to keep them occupied." Shan Pu stepped out with Fang Yi beside him. However, she should really be referred to as Shan Fangyi at this point, as she had become a peak powerhouse herself.

Before Lu Yin went to the Great Sovereign’s tea ceremony, he had made a point to contact the Lost Clan and ask them to send two Progenitor-level experts to help protect the Heavens Sect.

Lu Yin had known from the beginning that the tea ceremony would not be a simple matter. The four ruling powers and Sovereign Shao Yin wanted to eliminate Lu Yin, and while he could deal with the threats that he could see, it was difficult to deal with threats that could not be predicted.

Lu Yin was smart, but he knew that others were not stupid. The best he could do was leave as many backup plans as possible.

The Lost Clan had honored Lu Yin’s request without hesitation, which had exceeded Lu Yin's expectations. He had truly only wanted one of the Lost Clan’s peak powerhouse to help protect the Heavens Sect, and he had intended to ask Xu Wuji to also help. But surprisingly, the Lost Clan had sent two experts.

The addition of two Progenitor-level experts and Cloudflow, all of whom had been hiding in the Heavens Sect, should have been enough to deal with most unseen threats. Even if Bai Sheng and the four ruling powers’ other Progenitors had returned to wage war on the Heavens Sect, they would not have been able to do anything.

Not even Lu Yin had predicted that Aeternus would suddenly attack the Heavens Sect with captains of the True God Guard, as well as ten Progenitor-level corpse kings. This was not something that he could have predicted, as he had not even known about the existence of the True God Guard.

Who could have predicted that True God Wei Yi would suddenly attack the Great Sovereign’s tea ceremony while the True God Guard attacked the Heavens Sect?

All that could be said was that the Aeternals had planned too thoroughly and possessed too deep a foundation.

The two peak powerhouses from the Lost Clan took action, while Cai Er and Lu Buzheng targeted the other two Progenitor-level corpse kings. The Semi-Progenitors asked themselves if they could handle such opponents.

In the Heavens Sect’s main hall, Wang Wen stared out at the battle in outer space, sighing. The outcome of this battle would determine the fate of humanity. If nothing else, he should find a way to stay alive.

Thinking of this, he took out his transparent coffin and laid down while many people gave him extremely odd looks.

Your Royal Chesspiece, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but that I really can’t! Everyone, I wish you luck!


In the Cyclic Universe, at the tea ceremony, a wolf head appeared over Lu Yin once again. Forgotten Ruins God had no intention of letting him go.

However, against an opponent like Forgotten Ruins God, Lu Yin could only flee.

The gap between those who controlled sequence particles and those who could not was terrifyingly vast. It was no different from a chasm.

Against nearly any other opponent, Lu Yin was strong enough to face them, even Progenitors as powerful as Bai Wangyuan and Wang Fan. However, against Forgotten Ruins God and her mastery of sequence particles, Lu Yin could not even attack. Every time he tried, he would forget what he was doing. If it was impossible to defend oneself in a battle, how could a person hope to fight at all?

Lu Yin dodged with Inverse Step while pulling out a wireless jincan.

It was trembling crazily.

The unease in Lu Yin's heart grew even more intense, so he checked the message.

The Heavens Sect has been attacked by more than ten Progenitor-level corpse kings. A single sentence saw Lu Yin’s heart drop out.

About a dozen Progenitor-level corpse kings... This would be fine if they were all Progenitor-level corpse kings that possessed an average level of strength, but this message meant that the Heavens Sect was requesting for reinforcements. Even with Lu Yin’s senior brother, Arch-Elder Zen, and the other Progenitors protecting the Heavens Sect, they were still asking for help. Lu Yin could only imagine the pressure that the Heavens Sect was facing.

Lu Yin looked back at Sovereign Shao Yin one again, seeing that the man could only barely keep his arrogance hidden.

There was no need for Lu Yin to guess—he was already 90% certain that the Sovereign was a spy.

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