Chapter 2821: Lu Yin And Sovereign Shao Yin  

Lu Yin really wanted to expose Sovereign Shao Yin right now, but if the man was exposed, he would turn around and help the Aeternals, which would make the current battle far more difficult.

Sovereign Shao Yin was one of the Three Sovereigns, and there was no chance that the man was a weakling. He could fight against the Seven Skygods themselves. Regardless of whether he would win or lose, there was no question that the man had some control over sequence particles.

Any peak powerhouse who had touched upon the laws of the universe could change the balance of the battle.

If Sovereign Shao Yin went to the Heavens Sect, there was no one there who could stop the Sovereign.

The Heavens Sect still lacked a sequence powerhouse.

"Be careful." Manifested thought suddenly appeared behind Lu Yin, isolating him from the sudden appearance of Shaman God’s doll.


The doll chuckled. "Kakaka, why are you helping him? Lord Wei, do you really think that this child was forced to go against you by the You family?"

Lu Yin frowned and slapped at the doll with his slipper.

Shaman God’s doll kept its odd smile. "He Ran has gone missing. You should also carefully investigate Bai Qian's identity, Lord Wei. Kakaka!"

"Ridiculous." The manifested thought formed what looked to be a funnel, separating Lu Yin from the doll.

Lu Yin was surprised by Lord Wei's behavior. Regardless of whether Lu Yin had any connection to the You family's rebellion, Lord Wei had offered Lu Yin support and help several times during the tea ceremony, and he had once again just saved Lu Yin. There was no denying that this was somewhat odd behavior.

"You helped me deal with Luo Shan, so I’ll return the favor here." Lu Yin heard Lord Wei’s voice.


This explained the current situation.

Sovereign Shao Yin and Luo Shan had cooperated with the You family in an attempt to overthrow Lord Wei. The ruler of the Transcendent Universe had been looking for an opportunity to deal with Luo Shan, but the Monarch was also one of the rulers of a member universe of the Sixverse Association. Such a person was not easy to deal with, and Lu Yin’s actions had just happened to align with Lord Wei’s own goals.

"Thank you, and be careful. Shaman God controls the power of space," Lu Yin warned.

After a pause, he glanced over at Sovereign Shao Yin and whispered, "Also, Sovereign Shao Yin might be a spy."

The manifested thought clearly froze for a moment.

Some distance away, Lord Wei and Sovereign Ninth Lotus were still both fighting against Forgotten Ruins God. Lord Wei had practically transformed into pure manifested thought that was constantly isolating Forgotten Ruins God’s sequence particles. However, Lu Yin's words caused the man to stare at Sovereign Shao Yin in shock.


Lu Yin had to warn the man, as if Sovereign Shao Yin launched a sneak attack without any warning, he could cause too much damage if no one was on guard against him.

Lu Yin did not want to push Sovereign Shao Yin to help the Aeternals during the battle, but if the Sovereign was already planning to sneak attack one of the Sixverse Association’s powerhouses, it would devastate the human forces.

Before Lu Yin was able to unravel Sovereign Shao Yin’s goals, he could take a few precautions.

Lu Yin’s choices had to follow whichever risky path led to the smallest threat.

As soon as Lu Yin delivered his warning, he moved to tear through the void and leave. He needed to return and help the Heavens Sect.

However, as soon as he tried to do so, his expression changed. It was impossible to leave.

"Kaka, boy, the moment this battle started, there was no way in or out of this place. How could it be so easy to escape from this battlefield?" Shaman God laughed.

An ugly expression contorted Lu Yin’s face as the realization that he could not leave set in. This was no different from when he had fallen into the trap in the Sixth Mainland and been forced to fight against a monstrous corpse king. However, just because Jiang Qingyue had not been able to leave at that time did not mean that Lu Yin had truly been trapped.

His power appeared from within his chest, spreading out to form his own universe. Again, Lu Yin tore the void open, but his movements suddenly stopped. The instant that he had opened a path to Aeternus Nation, it had closed again. What just happened? Let me try again.

Again the void was torn apart, but again, the same scenario repeated.

I really can’t leave. Though, it’s not that I can’t leave, but...

Lu Yin looked at Forgotten Ruins God. She was the one stopping him.

Forgotten Ruins God smiled at Lu Yin. "Little Lu Yin, it's not that easy to leave this stage."

Lu Yin had developed in a manner that allowed him to almost perfectly counter many people, but there were still people who could similarly counter him, and Forgotten Ruins God was one of those individuals.

Lu Yin possessed many abilities and tools. No matter how desperate the situation, he was confident of at least surviving, given all that he was capable of. Even when he had fallen into the Aeternals’ trap and been captured by a sourcebox array that was designed to keep him from escaping, had he actually been unable to leave? If not for feeling responsible for Jiang Qingyue, the power system within Lu Yin’s chest would have allowed him to leave whenever he wished.

However, even if he possessed even greater power, what did it matter if he simply forgot about it?

Forgotten Ruins God was Lu Yin’s perfect counter, as she could make him forget about all of his various abilities, even the ones that could allow him to survive his current challenge.

Lu Yin did not know how Forgotten Ruins God was doing it, as he could not see any sequence particles touching him with Heaven’s Sight, but even so, he had forgotten. Right at the moment that he had torn the void apart and prepared to leave, he had forgotten how to move or search for a parallel universe. He had forgotten everything.

Even if it had only lasted for a moment, it had still prevented Lu Yin from leaving.

A seductive smile crept across Forgotten Ruins God's face. "The laws of a universe are not as simple as what you can see!"

This simple sentence offered Lu Yin a new understanding of sequence particles and the laws of the universe. Heaven’s Sight allowed him to see sequence particles, but did that mean that he was able to see all the laws of a universe?

Sequence particles were nothing more than an external expression of the laws of a universe, but that did not mean that those laws could not take on other forms.

If Heaven's Sight were truly omnipotent, Wu Tian would have never disappeared.

On top of that, Lu Yin’s cultivation was too lacking for him to manifest the true power of Heaven's Sight.

The fact that it was practically impossible for Lu Yin to leave sent a chill to his bones. At the moment, he was being forced to face attacks from six of the Seven Skygods who all wanted him dead. At the same time, the Heavens Sect was facing a desperate situation. All of Aeternus seemed to have been fully roused and appeared determined to eliminate humanity once and for all.

At some point in time, a dark power moved closer to Lu Yin. It was Sovereign Shao Yin. He had noticed Lu Yin’s warning to Lord Wei, though the Sovereign was shocked that the youth had seen through him.

Sovereign Shao Yin had no idea what had gone wrong, but it did not actually matter. Since he had been exposed, he should completely break free from the Sixverse Association. The Great Sovereign was being held back by True God Wei Yi, and she was unable to do anything to Shao Yin. Thus, he decided to completely drop the act and publicly expose himself in order to destroy the tea ceremony.

He had accomplished enough over the many years.

"Rotting the Heavenly Dao."

Lu Yin whirled around and struck at the dark-green Extreme Yin power that had been creeping towards him from the side. He was instantly attacked again, though by a Divine Yin Awl. This was a full-powered Progenitor-level weapon that was shooting at Lu Yin, and once again, he retaliated with the slipper.

There was a snap, and the Divine Yin Awl shattered.

Sovereign Shao Yin was shocked. He had not expected the slipper in Lu Yin's hand to be so powerful.

Even so, it was nothing more than a tool.

The decaying power of Extreme Yin circled around Lu Yin, and Lu Yin could see the arc of sequence particles approaching, rotting the void as they drew closer. Just as he had assumed, Sovereign Shao Yin was also a sequence powerhouse.

Mu Ke, Lord Xu, Great Elder Shan Gu, Lord Wei, and the others at their level all already had their own opponents. There was no one to help Lu Yin, which left him to face Sovereign Shao Yin on his own.

The Rot Particles were something that Lu Yin had never faced before.

Sovereign Shao Yin dodged the slipper, and the power of Extreme Yin formed currents that shot forward in waves. Lu Yin toyed with the spatial lines he could see, only to discover that even those had been rotted. He used Inverse Step, creating an area of chaotic time and space. He wanted to dodge the Extreme Yin power, but he soon found that it had filled the entire area around him.

A purplish-black substance spread across Lu Yin’s body, and he lashed out with a palm strike. It was an impressively powerful attack, but while it successfully pushed back the Extreme Yin power slightly, the attack was also touched by the sequence particles, and Lu Yin’s arm started to rot from the mere touch.

"There’s no reversing the effect of Rotting the Heavenly Dao. Die, brat." Sovereign Shao Yin showed a vicious grin. "Did you really think that I didn’t know that you were Xuan Qi?"

Above Lu Yin's head, the golden light of his Investiture of the Gods erupted. Xia Shenji, Leng Qing, and Progenitor Nong all attacked, quickly eliminating the power of Extreme Yin. However, just as Sovereign Shao Yin had said, Rotting the Heavenly Dao was irreversible, and the void continued to rot. The power of Extreme Yin rotted everything it came into contact with, even the Investiture of the Gods’ summons.

Normally speaking, Lu Yin could use Extremes Must Be Reversed or the Ce Secret Art to undo the damage, but neither of those techniques were able to reverse the effects caused by sequence particles. Sovereign Shao Yin was wielding the laws of the universe, specifically the law of Rot, and anything that touched the universe had to conform to the laws of the universe.

Lu Yin wanted to use Evernight and pull Sovereign Shao Yin into the card where he would be isolated from sequence particles, but there was no way for him to move close to the Sovereign, and the man would also resist such an attempt. Sovereign Shao Yin was too familiar with the power of the Lost Clan, unlike Xia Shenji.

Red flowers fell from the sky like rain. It was a beautiful sight.

The red flowers were delicate and beautiful, and it made the area look like someone was celebrating the presence of the battlefield.

One red flower touched Sovereign Shao Yin, and the man frowned. The place where the flower had touched him had gone numb. There was something wrong with these red flowers.

He spun his fingers, and the Rotting the Heavenly Dao swept over the red flowers.

The blossoms were constantly rotted and quickly melted, but they still manifested out of thin air. There was no end to them at all.

Lu Yin looked into the distance and saw Bai Xian'er's calm face. When she noticed Lu Yin looking over, she smiled. "Brother Xiaoxuan, let's work together to deal with him."

"He can use sequence particles," Lu Yin cautioned.

Bai Xian'er’s smile did not even twitch. "I know!"

As she spoke, more red flowers filled the sky, endlessly drifting down like a true rainfall.

Sovereign Shao Yin’s cold eyes focused on Bai Xian'er. He did not know what sort of power these red flowers contained, but this woman was clearly no idiot. She had been accepted as the Great Sovereign’s disciple, and she had even been made Chu Jian’s senior sister. There was no need for the Sovereign to feel fear, though he was wary of what might happen. Just to be safe, this woman needed to be dealt with.

Raising a hand, Shao Yin’s Extreme Yin power swept towards Bai Xian'er.

Lu Yin watched, wanting to see how Bai Xian'er would deal with Sovereign Shao Yin's sequence particles.

Bai Xian'er did not block the attack at all, but she somehow avoided it without any warning. Not even Heaven’s Sight allowed Lu Yin to see how she had evaded the attack.

"Brother Xiaoxuan, I can continuously weaken his strength, slowing his reaction time and adaptability, but that is all that I can do to help. I will leave the laws of the universe for you to deal with." Bai Xian'er smiled earnestly at Lu Yin, as though Sovereign Shao Yin did not even deserve her attention.

Lu Yin stared at Sovereign Shao Yin. Heaven’s Sight indeed revealed that the man’s movements were different from before. He moved as though something was hindering him.

One of the Cyclic Universe’s glorious Three Sovereigns, a powerhouse who could wield sequence particles, was actually being influenced by Bai Xian'er. Just what were those red flowers?

What had Bai Xian'er experienced? Lu Yin had lived through things that were undoubtedly beyond Bai Xian’er’s imagination, and yet he still could not see through the woman.

Sovereign Shao Yin also had not expected to be affected by a mere Ascendant. After all, what sort of gap existed between him and an Ascendant?

"Do two juniors really think that they can alter the way of the universe? I’ll send you to hell together." The area beneath Sovereign Shao Yin's feet took on a dark color, and everything in the surrounding area started to change. In less than a moment, Lu Yin and Bai Xian'er felt as though they had left the tea ceremony and been dropped into a strange city.

The city was filled with buildings, and darkness dominated the place. Clouds filled the sky overhead, increasing the darkness.

Suddenly, the dark clouds dropped, enveloping both Lu Yin and Bai Xian'er and exerting a terrible pressure on them.

They fled.

The dark clouds transformed into the power of Extreme Yin. It surged out and twined around the two.

They had fallen into Sovereign Shao Yin’s Progenitor’s world, Extreme Yin City.

The entire city, including the buildings and the creatures living there, was formed from Extreme Yin. A strange, rotting power permeated the Progenitor’s World.

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